14 Airsoft Game Ideas and Scenarios

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14 Airsoft Game Ideas and Scenarios.

Capture The Flag

Two teams face off, each team with a flag. The goal of the game is to retrieve the flag and bring it to your base. The flag has to be carried, clearly visible. The flag must also be placed somewhere visible in each base. This game can be played in two variants; “dead flag” or “live flag”. In “dead flag” when the flag carrier is hit, the flag is returned to the enemies base by the shot flag carrier. In “live flag” when the flag carrier is hit the flag may be picked up by another team mate and who may continue to retrieve the flag, or it may be picked up by an enemy and return it to their base.

Retrieve The Flag

This game is much like “capture the flag” but it involves two or more teams, and only one flag. The flag is placed in the middle of the field, with two to four bases near to where the flag is located. Each team starts in a base. The goal is for each team to try and retrieve the flag to their base. If the flag carrier is hit, anyone can pick up the flag where its dropped.

Last Man Standing

All against all. Often with a limited time and area.

Team Death Match

Two teams that fight against each other until one team is eliminated or the time runs out.

King of the Hill

Two teams: one team is made up of about a third of the players, and barricades themselves on the “hill.” The larger team of attackers also on the hill. On the top of the hill is a flag. The team that is the closest to the flag once the time runs out, wins!


There are two teams and each team has a medic. The medic is the only one on the team that can revive a downed player. Each team tries to eliminate the opposing teams medic. Each team gets a limited amount of ammo.  The game is won when either the medic is eliminated, or the entire team is eliminated.

Grab the Flag

Two or more teams try to reach the flag first. The team that has the first player to reach the flag alive wins!


There is a small group of two to four players who play as a Spec-Ops (Special Operations) team. A much larger opposing team, tries to escort the VIP to a selected location in a certain amount of time. The game is won when either the Spec-Ops team eliminates the VIP, before he reaches his destination, or the larger team reaches their destination with the VIP.


A well-armed task force made up of one fourth of the players infiltrates an enemy base. Their mission: eliminate every player in the base. Note the larger team is not as well armed as the SWAT team.

Bounty Hunters

The game begins as a free-for-all. All players engage each other. When a player eliminates another, the shooter must go to the eliminated player and touch his shoulder. The eliminated player is now back in the game, but he now fights for the person who tagged him. The last team standing wins.


The game starts as a Team Death Match. But all hell is about to break loose. Once a player is eliminated, the player goes to what is called the Resurrection Zone. Once the player reaches that zone, the player is now a zombie. The zombies do not get guns and MUST wear a full face mask. Once a zombie is killed, the zombie must return to the resurrection zone and continue to be a zombie. The game is won when the time runs out, or everyone is a zombie.

Pistols Only

Any game idea or scenario where only pistols are allowed.

Valley of Death

One team made up of about one fifth of the total amount of players, must travel through a zone that is guarded by the remaining players. The small group is allowed only sniper rifles, pistols, or shotguns. The rest of the players may have any gun they choose. Any player that makes it through the guarded territory is considered a winner. The recommended time limit is between 30 mintues and several hours.


A small group of players are chosen as the commandos. The rest of the players are evenly divided to guard the objectives. The defenders start at their objectives, and the commandos are taken to a place outside the game zone that will serve as their insertion and extraction point. The commandos are to attack the guards and retrieve the objectives, bringing them back to their extraction zone. The guards may barricade themselves and send out patrols, but the objectives must never be left unguarded.

Written by Chandler Haag.
Many thanks to the 73th S.A.G. for the photos

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