10 Most Expensive (and Awesome) Airsoft Systems

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The Most Expensive Airsoft Accessories

What are the Most Expensive Airsoft Guns and Systems?

Robbie gives his recommendations for his 10 favorite airsoft systems.

10. PolarStar Fusion Engine / Pr-15

The Polarstar Fusion Engine (FE) is an amazing advancement in airsoft. It use high pressure air (HPA) to propel the BB instead of using a spring and piston. It uses standard AEG mags and can be adjusted to use poorly feeding magazines. The Rate of Fire is entirely independent from FPS making this a versatile system. You can get either the Polarstar build that uses VFC bodies or you can get one of there several types of FE’s to install into your own gun. You can get these in v2, v3, and m249 “gearbox” types. There are almost no moving parts in any of the versions. Did I mention they also have a small computer in them called the Fire Control Unit? I will get into that later in the review though.

9. The Pipers Precision Products M134 HPA powered Minigun

Yeah, another minigun, but this one is a much better build than most of the other brands. Instead of being like an AEG, such as the Echo 1 minigun, this one uses an HPA system to achieve pure power, fire rate, and reliability. This thing is basically an airsoft flamethrower, with 6 barrels. Speaking of airsoft flamethrowers, on to number 8!

8. The Pipers Precision Products Stafer Mark 4 Mod 0

This thing is a beast. At 175 RPS (up too 10,500 RPM) shooting at 450 fps, you can clear entire squads with this thing. It is powered by almost any compressed gas such as HPA and Co2. It also has a small form factor, the size of an mp5sd.

7. The Escort M60 E4 GBB LMG

Yup, they are real. A gas blow back lmg. This thing uses an external HPA tank just like the last guns, but this one is gas blow back. This gun takes the “light” out of light machine gun. Weighing in at over 40 pounds, this thing is a beast. It has a maximum FPS of 420 and is effective at 120 feet.

6. The GI Custom F-Chu Speed Racer GBB

This one is a gas blow back pistol that will set you back 1,200 USD. It is full metal. It fires at 320 fps with propane and the magazine holds 32 rounds. This was made as a training handgun more than a skirmish gun, but it would work flawlessly in both scenarios.

5. The Hephaestus HTS-14 GBB

Yeah, another gas gun. This one is pretty neat though. It is a bullpup GBB that is made to look like an OTs-14 Groza. This thing is a true work of art. This guy will set you back 590 USD.

4. The RWA MG34 AEG

Made by RedWolf Airsoft, this is a ww2 style MG34 AEG. This gun is 1-1 scale with its real steel counterpart and is full metal. It clocks in at only 330 fps and comes with a custom made gearbox. This beast of a gun will set you back at just over 1,400 USD.

3. The Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Mk.16 Mod 0

This is one of my favorites. It is a SCAR-L AEG that has simulated functionality. When the magazine stops feeding, the gun stops shooting and you will need to press the bolt catch to fire again. It also has simulated recoil. This pretty little lady will set you back about 650 USD.

2. The Socom Gear Cheytac M200

This guy is the true meaning of beastly. Made out of CNC aluminium and steel. The special thing about this gun is it is shell ejecting. Whenever you pull the bolt back, it ejects a shell that is to scale with a real .408 Cheytac round. This gun is not very field-able due to the fact it only holds 7 rounds (one per shell). Sadly, it only hits at 330 fps.

1. The KTW Ithaca M37

This time a classic. The real special thing about this shotgun is it is a select fire pump shotgun. You can choose to fire either one or two BBs at a time. It fires at only 290 fps making it more than acceptable for indoor use.
Written by Robby Shirey from RSI Customs
10 Most Expensive (and Awesome) Airsoft Systems by
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  • lestath

    Why is the Systema PTW not here?! More expensive than the polarstar and the performance is awesome!

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    Russian made guns for airsoft are very expensive. they can easily take 1-2 position)))