Airsoft Squared Grand Opening

Airsoft Squared has officially been released. After more than a year of developments, the Airsoft community has its own social network. We are already working on a v2.0 which will bring strategic functionalities and will contain everything Airsoft players like us have always wanted to find on forums and blogs (but never found). Stay tuned.

Airsoft Squared features

1. Social network features:
– Create and manage your online profile.
– Connect with players from the entire world.
– Receive wall and email notifications.
– Discover awesome contents thanks to your friends network.

2. Content platform:
– Browse trending and personalized contents thanks to the pertinence algorithm.
– Find playable scenarios for your team.
– Compare reviews and get buying advice from community experts.
– Connect with teams, associations, fields and retailers in your region.
– Find games and Airsoft-related events in your region.

3. Scenario publication tool:
– Create, publish and share complex scenarios.
– Define missions, teams, roles and rules of game.

4. Review publication tool:
– Create, publish and share Airsoft products reviews.

5. Event publication tool:
– Create, publish and share your local and worldwide Airsoft events.
– Interact with players and customers thanks to the blog and discussions threads.
– Publish photos and videos.

6. Group publication tool:
– Create, publish and share your Airsoft groups dedicated to teams, fields, brands and medias.
– Interact with players and customers thanks to the blog and discussions threads.
– Publish photos and videos features.

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Airsoft Squared Official Blog
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  • Milica

    Ok, I’ll tr to quickly run thgruoh the pros and cons of this 1.First up, this is a springer. It’s a good springer, but it’s still completel outclassed by any automatic.In terms of accuracy, the grouping is good, the precision is not. What I mean here is that while the bbs will go in the same place every time, this place is very rarely where the sights say it will be. In short, this is a gun you have to learn to use, for example knowing when to aim a bit further up etc. The sights are low profile small notch, meaning this weapon is more a target pistol than a combat pistol, as the sights, while giving more precision than larger combat sights, take longer to line up.Mag is v. high cap, so you’re unlikely to run out of ammo in a fight. Mag release is easy to use so you’re looking at no more than 1 1/2 second reloads (which isn’t bad considering you have to re cock it as part of the reload. If you’re considering using this weapon as a side arm, bear in mind it isn’t particulalry suited to a quick draw, and is almost .2s slower than a glock to draw. No rails so you can’t mount any proper lights, lasers or sights.All in all a good, cheap pistol, but nothing special.Hope this helps