The 5 Best KWA Airsoft guns

kwa kriss vector airsoft gun

Best KWA Airsoft guns

What are the 5 best KWA Airsoft guns? Here is a list of great products selected by Jonathan.

Kriss Vector

Let’s start with the Kriss Vector. One of the best KWA product is the Kriss Vector because the way it looks, the way it shoots and it is a blowback which means it kicks every time it shoots. The KWA Kriss Vector can be used as a CQB gun because the fps is around 350 and 360 fps, so it’s really good for Close Quarters but it also can be used in a open field. A lot of airsofters like this gun because it’s used in certain videos and its pretty good in video games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 the gun comes out and it pretty good there. The Kriss Vector is a polycarbonate gun which means is plastic but don’t let the plastic fool you because it use the best plastic in the market and for airsoft gun but the Vector internals are fully metal and so is the blowback system. The gun uses green gas ( not Co2) and cartridges.


kwa mp7

The other best of KWA is the MP7 because of the way it kicks and they way it looks. The Real MP7 is not metal the real MP7 is plastic or polycarbonate which is a really hard and strong plastic, don’t let the plastic body fool you because then you won’t buy it, the gun is lightweight but have the internals fully metal and also the rails in the gun are also metal and the gun is a blow back and the internals are just for blow back function. The gun uses Green Gas (or Propane as long as you clean it after games) do not try to put Propane gas if you use propane gas you going to damage  the gun, the MP7 shoots around 400+ so it depends how much gas it uses.



The KWA LM4 PTS is another of the best KWA products. The KWA LM4 PTS is a special edition LM4 that has been fully licensed by Magpul PTS. All the furniture on the LM4 have been replaced with Magpul, the KWA LM4 PTS is a excellent training tool for those individuals who preferred the Magpul design and philosophy. The KWA LM4 PTS is a blowback and it uses Green Gas to function and the internals are fully metal and the gun it shoots round 360-380 FPS.

KWA M4 A1 CQR MOE Carbine

KWA M4 A1 CQR MOE Carbine

The KWA M4 A1 CQR MOE Carbine is one of the top 5. The KWA M4 A1 CQR MOE is a serious game changer for the airsoft community. There has never been a gun of this high quality for sale at such a low price, and never have we built a gun with such a high value per dollar ratio, ever! The brilliant techs at Airsoft GI began building the Airsoft GI KWA CQR MOE AEG with the KWA M4 CQR, which is virtually the same as the current KWA 2GX AEG’s with one exception, the lower receiver is made of high quality fiber reinforced polymer, bringing the price down quite significantly. From there, they have fitted this base gun with Magpul MOE hand guards and a flip up rear sight. As a result, the final product is a unique carbine that only looks great, but is comfortable and functions great as well. It shoots around 330-350 fps so its good for CQB.

H&K Full Metal USP NS2 GBB Airsoft Gun By KWA

H&K full Meta USP NS2 GBB

The H&K Full Metal USP NS2 GBB Airsoft Gun By KWA is in also one of the top fives.Fully licensed by H&K, this is definitely the most realistic Full Metal USP to date. Built by KWA and using the same extremely durable and high performing NS2 system, the H&K USP is definitely a show stopper. Featuring a 5 inch inner barrel and one of the most efficient gas systems on the market, the H&K USP is capable of incredible range. Since this gun is fully licensed by H&K there are H&K trade marks and logos all over this gun which really add to the overall looks and realism of this GBB. The H&K USP is a 1:1 scale replica and features a safety and de-cocking function just like the real steel. The H&K USP will definitely impress any type of player, whether you be a avid player, collector, target shooter or you are looking for a great GBB for training.

Written by Jonathan Alberto

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  • Michael

    The Vector is green gas not CO2. You can use propane on the mp7 as long as you regularly clean it after games. People recommend not using propane because the it’s almost impossible to get the right silicon oil to gas ratio in the mags but as long as the o-rings are oiled and the gun is well maintained you will be fine with propane

    • thanks ! corrected but can you recheck (the author is not online)