Airsoft, Air Soft, or Softair ?

Airsoft, Air Soft or Softair ? Airsoft has different names in the world.
Did you know that in most countries, players call it Airsoft, or sometimes Air Soft.

What do you call Airsoft in… ?

In Italy and Germany, Airsoft is called Softair.
In Denmark, Airsoft is called Hardball
In Russia, it’s Страйкбол or Strikeball
In Israelian : איירסופט or TacticBall
In Japonese : サバイバルゲーム (survival game or Airsoft) or Sabaibaru
In Chinese : 生存遊戲 (Wargame)
In Korean : 서바이벌 게임
I heard about Easofuto or Ersop in Indonesia

Airsoft replicas also have different names : airsoft guns, airsoft replicas, airguns. As far I am concerned, I don’t call them guns as Airsoft is not about “weapons”, it’s a game based on replicas. Do you know other words for Airsoft in other countries? Please leave your suggestions in the comment box!

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  • sandro

    the “arabic” version is actually the Georgian version with Georgian letters

    • admin

      I just corrected it. Thanks.
      If you hear about other words, let me know

  • Yus Araya

    In Malaysia, it also called Airsoft or sometimes Jungle warfare Airsoft.

  • Zeutrinox

    In Indonesia, it’s called airsoft. Don’t write down false informations. Be smarter.

  • Alfred

    Straight translated Airsoft in Swedish is “Mjuk luft” but we simply call it Airsoft for the lack of better name.

  • Fabien Labrousse

    In France, it is called “Airsoft” but sometimes “Softair”, depends of who you’re playing with :)