Being an Airsoft Combat Medic


Being an Airsoft Combat Medic is a unique position that is primarily used in ‘Medic’ scenarios during Airsoft gaming. The Airsoft Combat Medic can be a challenge yet a rewarding scenario role to play. The ‘Combat Medic’ is a vital role during these scenarios and can change the out come of an Airsoft mission. Just like real Combat Medics they have your team’s/squad’s ‘life’ in their hands. I also believe that every team should have a dedicated Combat Medic on the field, just in case of real life situations and emergencies. So the role of Combat Medic has two separate roles, one as a ‘scenario role’ and the second as a ‘real world role. We will explore the Role of the solo Combat Medic scenario in this tutorial.

MSM045SWThe ‘Medic’ scenario is one of the most widely used scenarios that I have ran across in my time of Airsofting. The scenario has a few different variations: one can utilizes one Operator being the designated “Combat Medic’. If an Operator is ‘hit’ they take a knee and call for a “Medic” and the Combat Medic works his/her way to the ‘hit’ operator and with their healing touch the ‘hit’ operator can continue to in the game. The second ‘Medic’ scenario I have come across is that when an Operator gets ‘hit’ they take a knee and any one of his/her teammates can lend that healing hand to their fellow teammate and they can continue to fight.

To play the solo Combat Medic role can be one of the most rewarding and most exhausting roles you will ever play in an Airsoft scenario. Some of the equipment that you should consider:



Carbine AEG or Sub-Machine Gun


Combat Medic Pouch

IMG_1317-300x224Now that you have your equipment lets look at the tactics of being a Combat Medic. Your main goal is to help your fellow teammates. In doing this you must stay alive yourself. You need to to be able to move quickly to and from fallen Operators as needed and not get hit yourself. A dead Combat Medic does no good to your teammates.

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I'm a United States Air Force Veteran, Desert Shield & Desert Storm Veteran. I'm a long time WWII reenactor turned into an Airsoft Operator. I mostly reenacted 1st Infantry Division 'Big Red 1' and 101st Airborne. During my years as a WWII reenactor I learned and used many military tactics both urban and woodland. These lessons have helped me adapt to the Sport of Airsoft very easily. I love the sport of Airsoft for many reasons. Some of those reasons are no real uniform restrictions, many weapons to choose from, it's less expensive to get into and the use of modern technology.

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