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Airsoft helmets and covers : how to choose?

Boonie hats, helmets, shemoghs, stocking caps, baseball caps and berets. They are all covers. A cover is a crucial part of a solders load out. Weather it is a helmet, or a baseball cap, they are used as protection, as well as rank distinction. Whatever the case, each cover is used for a specific task. Each of them has pros and cons. Here’s a list of them.

The boonie hat

The boonie hat has been used by the military sense the 1940s. they come in any color and size, and range in price any ware from $5.00- $30.00. it is made like an umbrella, keeping rain out of the eyes, and back of the neck. It is a favored cover by all military branches, and serves them well, in both camouflage, and tactical uses.


  1. Covers all around the head providing an umbrella like protection.
  2. You can add foliage and other types of material quite easily, to break up the human like figure for better camouflage.
  3. It is very light weight, and can be rolled up and carried in a pocket.


  1. It does not provide any protection. Except that against rain.
  2. You cannot attach any accessories such as flashlights, night vision, or binoculars.


Shemoghs, originating in the middle east, it has been worn by solders there for centuries. Now, adopted by modern military units, it still aids solders today. It is a cloth traditionally made from woven thread, and tied in knots at the ends for decoration, with a cross line pattern. Sense it is really only a rag, they cost basically nothing. Arabs wear them on the head, with a headband wrapped around it, to keep it tight to the head. U.S. spec ops wear them around to neck, to keep their neck from becoming irritated from the constant turning. But it can be worn in 100s of different ways.


  1. They are very low in cost.
  2. Can be worn in 100 different ways, most popularly worn around the neck as a scarf.
  3. When worn around the neck, to keep your neck from becoming irritated from the constant turning.


  1. Does  NOT provide any protection.

Stocking caps

Stocking caps have been around as long as thread has. Being used especially by WW2 espionage units, it still serves as a popular choice of cover. It serves as padding when worn under a helmet, and it keeps the head worm in cold weather. They come in any color, but mostly Black, foliage green, and dark earth.


  1. Keeps head warm.
  2. Low in cost.
  3. Adds extra padding for helmets.
  4. Aids in night time warfare, by making the head dark.
  5. Fits tightly to the head, enabling the player to wear had straps, for a flashlight and such.


  1. Does NOT provide any protection.


Worn by the U.S. army, and U.S. green berets. The beret has been a dress cover, and a combat cover thru its time. (Though it is rarely worn in combat.) The Russian spetz-naz wear them red as part of their uniform, both dress, and B.D.U. Also the U.S. green berets wear them for both dress and B.D.U purposes, though they do not see much battle as they did in the 60s, they spend most of their time training foreign troops, overseas. The beret is commonly made in red, green, and black. And can cost between $10.00-$50.00


  1. They look cool.


  1. They provide no protection.
  2. They are impractical
  3. You cannot attach any accessories such as flashlights, night vision, or binoculars.

Baseball caps

Baseball caps have been around sense, well baseball. They are worn under a helmet, or normally. And are a vey low cost cover for your load out. Members in every branch of the U.S. military ware these hats for recreational use, as well as combat use. They come in any color, and thousands of different symbols.


  1. The lib provides shade from the sun, for the eyes.
  2. A head strap can be worn while wearing a baseball hat, for a flashlight.
  3. They are lightweight.
  4. They can come with an adjustable strap to fit your head perfectly.


  1. They provide no protection.
  2. Unless worn backwards, it gets in the way of aiming thru a scope.


Helmets have been around for as long as war. They were originally made from iron, or steel. Some countries still use steel helmets, but most now use a material called Kevlar. There are also many types of helmets. Such as the newly made FAST helmet. Or the U.S. army ear cover helmet.

Helmets range in price any ware from $10.00- $200.00 and come in any cammo, black, green, and tan.


  1. They provide head protection.
  2. Attachments may be added to them.
  3. They can easily be painted and modified, to the owners liking.


  1. They can be heavy and cause strain on the neck.
  2. They can hinder aiming in some cases.
  3. They will NOT stop a bullet. They are made to protect the head from debris and shrapnel.

Chandler Haag.
Many thanks to Ashleigh Wright for the photos

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