How to be an Airsoft Point Man


How to be an Airsoft Point Man is a vital position is any Airsoft squad or platoon. You are the front man of the squad leading the way into harms way and providing the first set of eyes and ears into most potential situations. There are some key factors that are vital to being a good point man.


You need to keep your eyes open and scanning around for the Op Forces. You need to keep a goo look out for any type of movement, weapons, etc. Even the slightest movement from the Op Forces can be a big tip off.


Your listening skills need to be on high alert. Sometimes you can hear the Op Forces before you can see them. Being the Point Man you have the best opportunity being in front to hear even the slightest of noise, such as a tree branch being snapped in front of you. Of course this only works well if your squad is be silent.


Communication is a big part of being a Point Man. If your squad is running silent hand signals are very key to help keep the silence. Being the Point Man it is up to you to signal when there is danger ahead, sounds ahead or a visual. Before going out on patrol ensure that you and your squad are using the universal hand signals so there is no confusion. Radios do work well within a squad but then you are breaking your silence.


Having an experienced Point Man is important but not always necessary but the more experience your Point Man has the better patrol you will have. I like to rotate my more experienced Squad Mates out to give each teammate for time at the front.

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I'm a United States Air Force Veteran, Desert Shield & Desert Storm Veteran. I'm a long time WWII reenactor turned into an Airsoft Operator. I mostly reenacted 1st Infantry Division 'Big Red 1' and 101st Airborne. During my years as a WWII reenactor I learned and used many military tactics both urban and woodland. These lessons have helped me adapt to the Sport of Airsoft very easily. I love the sport of Airsoft for many reasons. Some of those reasons are no real uniform restrictions, many weapons to choose from, it's less expensive to get into and the use of modern technology.

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