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Have you tried all the features available on Airsoft Squared?

Find Airsoft Players

As a registered member, you know that you can connect with other members by using the “Add friend” button.
Find Airsoft players in your country by visiting the Members section at
Don’t forget to share Airsoft Squared with your friends thanks to the invitation module.

Promote Your Airsoft Shop or Brand

If you play in a team or simply want to promote your Airsoft brand, create a group page and share it with the entire community. Groups will let you interact with players and customers thanks to the blog and discussions threads, promote your local and international events and add photo or video albums. Start creating a group by accessing the Group Builder (once you logged in) at

Promote your Airsoft Event

If you regularly organize Airsoft games, use the Event Builder to promote your team, attract new players and manage all the details before and after the game (we know how complex it is) on a page designed for Airsoft events :

Promote your Airsoft Blog

Airsoft Squared offers great publication tools for scenarios, reviews and news. Start creating awesome contents now, we really want to read you :
Scenario Builder :
Review Builder :
News Builder :

Tip & Tricks : When you create News and Discussion threads in your group or event, all the members of the group will be notified by email. Last but not least, all the News published in your public groups and events will be published in the News section.

If you have any question to ask about Airsoft, don’t hesitate to visit our forum and publish your thread thanks to the Discussion Builder at

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