Airsoft Squared hits Beta Phase

After 8 long months of delay (for both you and us), Airsoft Squared finally hits Beta phase. Waves of emails are being sent to the early 3800 users who requested an invite. We are now fixing one by one the remaining bugs to iron the platform.

Bugs solved – 17th of July :
Implementation of content ranking algorithm
Wrong order of paragraphs
Increased capacity of email server
Fields come back to “empty” when “modifying” review

Bugs solved – 10th of July :
Problem of uploads of pictures
Wrong redirection on links from “Source”
Bug on “Invite friends” feature
Bug when trying to delete a paragraph
Wrong order of comments

Bugs solved – 4th of July :
Problems with dates on events
Bugs on reviews paragraphs
Broken links on wall / Error 404 missing
Problems with dates on Airsoft events
Registration process : problem with date of birth
Problem with “Starts at” and “Finishes at” fields in events
“Most liked” Block bug
Update of lists of countries
Problem on email notification opt-in and op-out
Bug on “comment” button

Bugs solved – 3rd of July :
Broken links on walls
Error 404 pages
Problems with composed usernames
“Send” Message feature
Problems on the commenting system

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