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Callsign: Lex Job: Simulation Center Specialist, Camp Guernsey Wyoming, Wyoming Military Department. Prior Service USMC Infantry, Law Enforcement. Current Instructor in Weapons Marksmanship both Military and NRA, Small Squad Tactics, C-IED/HME, Military Simulation Systems to include VBS2, small airs simulators and explosives simulators, and Zombie eradicator. Started Airsoft in 2004 as a training system as a Police Officer, continued into Milsim, and now help develop standards and procedures for Military usage of Airsoft as a Force on Force Training system, as well as continue to sling the bb’s on the Milsim field any chance given. Owner/Host of the Airsoft Milsim Tactical Training Podcast. And proud Tactical Beard Owners Club Member. And any one wants to donate a Kilt would rock it!

Airsoft Roles – How to be a Support Gunner?

The soft sound of the wind and foliage moving seem to permeate the air as you step through the grass. Watching your footing, sweeping your weapon with your head, your doing everything right, slow breath, listen, scan, move slow breath,

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