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How to Train your Airsoft Team ?

In my last article, I discussed how to start an airsoft team. I’m sure that many of you have established your own groups and teams since that time. Now that you’ve started a team, you will want to begin training

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The incredible story of Simon Jameson and his Airsoft Tank

I have been playing Airsoft since its legalization here in Ireland back in 2006. I suppose at the time I never knew this Sport was going to later define me, shape my life and the person I would become today.

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How to start and run an airsoft team?

How to start and run an airsoft team? This is one of those questions that gets kicked around often in our sport. What’s the best airsoft gun for a new player? What’s the best mod I can do to make

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The 5 Best KWA Airsoft guns

What are the 5 best KWA Airsoft guns? Here is a list of great products selected by Jonathan.

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How to be Airsoft Recon?

Airsoft – The Roles: Reconnaissance. You’re sitting in the depths of the shadows, everything is quiet around you. In front of you is No Man’s Land. You have no information, no communication, no eyes forward. Nothing. The rest of your

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14 Airsoft Game Ideas and Scenarios

14 Airsoft Game Ideas and Scenarios.

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History of Airsoft: BBs, AEG, and GBB, and Softair

Airsoft vs. Softair: 1970’s Japan served as the primordial cauldron for the evolutionary growth of the airsoft weapon. Damn near tyrannical firearms laws left the public yearning for a violent way to get out their aggressions other than running through

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What is FPS?

Whether you’re buying an airsoft gun, or you’re going to an airsoft field, knowing what FPS is, is something that every Airsofter should know.

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Airsoft Safety – How to Play Safely

How to Play Airsoft Safely? Airsoft is about having fun above all else. But you can’t very well do that if your depth perception leads you face first down a ravine, because you lost your eye as a result of

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UKARA and the Foreign Players

Foreign Players, Playing Airsoft in the United Kingdom: A Daunting Proposition? It’s difficult not to be indignant about matters such as these. But I’m American, what do you expect? In most of the country, I can purchase a real firearm, from

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