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Airsofter and Youtuber Started airsofting in 2009. Lives in Finland, where I also do most of my airsofting. Collector of Russian militaria and replicas. Since 2011 I bring a camera to every game I attend. My youtube channel is RBAirsoft and there you will find a lot of gameplay and tutorials etc. Also trying to learn as much as possible on the technical side of airsoft and I do all my upgrading and repairs. I also do a lot of customizing on my replicas. I have military background as StaffSergeant in Finnish Defense Force. And I work in the security industries. Im also trying to write also airsoft articals and news on

How to Paint your Airsoft Replica

So you want to paint your airsoft replica, maybe you want it painted like you saw it in a movie or picture somewhere or maybe just to stand out on the field with all other black replicas. Whatever is your

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How to choose your first airsoft gun?

How to choose an Airsoft Gun? So you are thinking about buying your first airsoft gun and first thing you ask the airsoft community is “what gun should I buy”. You will probably get as many answers as there are

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