Beginners’ Guide to Buying an Airsoft Gun

guide for buying an Airsoft gun

Guide for buying an Airsoft gun

Right from the years of 1970s, Airsoft has turned out to be a thrilling sport among those who would love to become soldiers in real life, but could not do the same for certain limitations. Though the sport started and became popular in China initially, it is practiced to a great extent throughout the world. Since the gun that has been used in this sport, is considered as a non-lethal weapon simulation, airsoft allows its participants to enjoy the thrill of real-life battle with negligible risks of injury.

Airsoft Pellets

Important Details – Six millimeter pellets, made of plastic are used in Airsoft guns, at the range of 100 to 150 feet and the pellets are of varying weight, ranging from 0.12 gram and 0.90 gram. Pellets that are heavier by weight are used in sniper rifles, to provide higher range and stability. Unlike the paintball guns these pellets don’t make any sort of mark on the body of the person, hit. Rather, airsoft operates in an honor system according to which the participants are expected to admit when they are being hit and go back to the start line of the game, on their own. So, if you are looking for arranging an airsoft match or are going to participate in one, you must be wondering about the different types of airsoft rifles and how would you select the perfect one for you.

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The Different Types of Airsoft Rifles

There are basically three kinds of rifles, based on the propulsion technology, and within these three major categories, there are different types of models that match the real military firearms, available in the market. Though these pistols come with certain specifications they can be customized to a great extent according to the shooter’s style and requirements. Since these rifles are manufactured, following the mechanism of the real ones, the real accessories, meant for the military guns, can be implemented on these. Foregrips, rifle stocks, sights and sling systems, rail systems are some of the accessories that can be attached to these airsoft rifles. If someone is on a tight budget, he can also use the cheap accessories that are available. However, the three major types of rifles are –

  • Spring-powered rifles – Even though all the airsoft rifles were spring powered initially, there were variations later. The internal springs that are used in these kinds of pistols drive a plunger and these push the pellets down the barrel. Since these guns have slow rates of fire, the shooter needs to cock the rifle before each shot.
  • Gas-powered rifles – Green gas, which is used in these guns, is a form of compressed propane gas, and is kept in a reservoir in the gun. On pulling the trigger, a burst of gas forces the pellet out of the gun. This gas is also used to recharge the gun’s bolt and cock the gun again. This type is mainly popular among the shooters since this offers the most realistic firing experience.
  • Airsoft Electric Guns – AEGs are considered to be the most powerful in all the types. Though they are spring propelled, they also involve a battery-powered motor which helps to cock the gun, time and again.

Terms you should know:

Blowback – This is a feature in green gas guns that causes the slide on an automatic gun to cycle.

Gearbox – This is the sequence of gears that is connected to the motor of an electric airsoft gun. They consume the rotational energy that is provided by the motor and transfer that energy to the spring mechanism which helps to drive out the pellets. Though there are plastic gearboxes available, the ones made of metal, last for long.

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    The best gun for you depends on a number of factors. What type of game are you playing? Where are you playing? How many guns are you carrying? Do you have a specific role on your team? How strong are you? How long do you plan to keep this gun? How much do you have to spend? etc….

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