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Tipo de baterías (Parte 01)

Todos al iniciar en airsoft, e incluso aún siendo veteranos, nos preocupamos por nuestro equipo de una manera muy superflua y por lo general olvidamos quizá el aspecto más importante de esta actividad: el desempeño de nuestras réplicas. Elegir una

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¿Cómo iniciarme en el MilSim?

"Cooperative01 by Steel Painter"

Iniciarse en el MilSim puede tener mil y un razones de fondo pero sin duda una de las más fuertes debe ser el hambre de conocimiento; conocer sobre técnicas, métodos, procedimientos, protocolos, etc., sin la intención de aprender probablemente no dures en esta

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Limpia el cañon interno de tu réplica


La limpieza y el mantenimiento adecuado de tu réplica, hará que tus jugadas se lleven a cabo sin imprevistos molestos. Una excelente practica es limpiar periódicamente el cañón interno de tu réplica, te invito a ver este vadeo de como se

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How to Paint your Airsoft Replica

So you want to paint your airsoft replica, maybe you want it painted like you saw it in a movie or picture somewhere or maybe just to stand out on the field with all other black replicas. Whatever is your

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How to Train your Airsoft Team ?

In my last article, I discussed how to start an airsoft team. I’m sure that many of you have established your own groups and teams since that time. Now that you’ve started a team, you will want to begin training

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How to Deal with Zombies / Cheaters

Okay people, here’s the taboo topic that everyone wants to talk about in the open but no one dares to for fear of retaliation. Well here it is folks, some players CHEAT. They walk around as if they’re bulletproof or

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How to be an Airsoft Point Man

How to be an Airsoft Point Man is a vital position is any Airsoft squad or platoon. You are the front man of the squad leading the way into harms way and providing the first set of eyes and ears

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Basic Airsoft Survival Tips

Here are some Basic Airsoft Survival tips that will help you succeed in the field. Just using some of your basic senses will help you survive in the field.

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How To Use Airsoft Grenades & Flash Bangs

Grenades and Flash Bangs in Airsoft are a fun and efficient way to kill or stun many Airsoft operators at one time. Depending on the field you play at there are different rules on how the Airsoft grenade or flash

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The Supporting Roles – Part II

Like I said in the first part of this chain of articles, we all start this hobby with the help of someone. Maybe an uncle, a brother, mother, father, or even a close friend.

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