How to Deal with Zombies / Cheaters

Okay people, here’s the taboo topic that everyone wants to talk about in the open but no one dares to for fear of retaliation. Well here it is folks, some players CHEAT. They walk around as if they’re bulletproof or something.


I am sure all of you have experienced playing with these people at some point in your airsoft life, and their excuses range from all kinds depending on how bad they were caught. Hell, some of them even persist in cheating even after they were caught.

For instance, my very first encounter with a cheater. We were playing in a woodland field and the covers range from tires to barrels, which sometimes barely cover you at all. But the tall grass in some places are ideal for shooting covers, and that’s how it was that day. This huge guy (I would say 5’10 and weighing around 240 lbs) took cover behind a standard sized oil barrel that we see everywhere, not knowing that I was only 30 feet away hiding in the tall grass.

So I took aim at his butt, which was waaay out in the open. Aimed, took one shot at his butt and what happened? He scooted forward, exposing his knee and leg on the other side. So I shifted, took another aim and shot him again on the calf. And what did he do this time? He scooted back to where he was, and exposed his behind again. This time I took three shots, and he scooted forward again. By this time I was pissed, so I intentionally took one shot at his knee and when he scooted back to expose his butt again, I gave him a nice long burst.

This time he jumped up and yelled “HIT” at the top of his lungs as if I had shot him after he had called his hit and stormed out angrily. And surely enough, when I stepped out, he confronted me and accused me of shooting me after he called out his hit, never mind the fact that three of his own team mates and several of my team mates saw his behavior.

Now this kind of blatantly unsportsmanlike attitude is what is ruining our game, and even though it’s poor sportsmanship on our part to call out other people’s hits, it’s still very irritating. And this is sometimes the result when this situation occurs, people get angry and the game is ruined.

I am sure that every single one of you has stories of their own, and these stories range from funny to frustrating. But the main reason is ego, and sometimes our own ego can get the better of us too, making us think of cheating as well.  And these are the impulses that we have to resist, because there is no reason we should stoop down to their level.

My method is simple. Brutal, but simple. If they refuse to call out their hits, you keep shooting them until they do. Even if they somehow manage to shoot back and hit you in the process, let them win. It won’t matter if you lose the game over it, he’s still gonna be the one who goes home with welts all over his body.

Like these couple of times, hilarious stories really.

First one: (By this time I was already in Indonesia) We found an indoor field in a basement parking lot, and the field was kinda small so I brought my Marui P90 (it was only a 320 fps AEG) and there we were met by another team who asked to join us because we already booked the field beforehand. Saw nothing wrong and we invited them to play with us. There were 10 of us and 6 of them at the time, but we were dressed casually (cargo pants, polo shirt and Omega Strike Vests whereas these guys were decked in full heavy gear.

About 5 minutes into the game I realized why they were decked in heavy gears. None of them called out their hits, not once. Even when I ambushed this two guys from the side, using my team mates as a distraction I snuck around them and caught them by surprise. Unloaded two entire high capacity magazines from my P90 (that’s 400 rounds) into them from about 15 feet away and from a diagonal angle that left them no cover to speak of. Must’ve shot the short guy around 6 times, all medium bursts. Even his friend had enough sense to call his hit after a few burst, but this one guy persisted even after I swapped out my first mag and unloaded on him in four very long bursts.

So after I stepped out from the hit, I went and packed up because I saw no use in continuing with the game this way. Most of my team mates agreed and we packed up and left save one guy who wanted to chill and take a breather before heading home himself. And later that day he told us a very funny story… the two guys I cornered eventually took off their gears and celebrated their success in kicking our butts, but lo and behold once their gears and BDUs came off, their arms, hips, legs and even necks were riddled in nasty welts. And the short guy actually had the balls to ask my friend to join them and play with real winners. Needless to say, we had a great laugh about it the weekend after/

Second one: We were playing in a decommissioned mall (cool place) and the stalls were only covered in thin rolling doors.  And so there we were, me and a teammate covering the other team’s advance from behind an old barbershop stall overlooking a wide corridor with very minimal cover. The next stall over from me, two of our snipers were taking shots at the opponents coming from the next corridor.

So this one guy came running from cover to cover, and my teammate (armed with an AEG) kept shooting him every time he was exposed but the guy just kept on coming until finally he took cover behind a small pillar just 12 feet away. I had my trusty Fully Customized Hi. Capa 4.3 using a 31 rounds Hi. Capa 5.1 magazine, so the next time he moved I fired five shots at him, and what did he do? He ducked down and eventually went prone, still attempting to crawl forward. Funny thing is, THERE WAS NOTHING BETWEEN US AND HIM, ROFLMAO. So we both went to town with this guy, seeing his full gear I went and targeted his arms while my teammate went for his butt and legs on full auto.

The guy eventually called out his hit…after I unloaded two mags and my teammate unloaded an entire mid. Cap magazine on him. And these same guys on an earlier game met me on another corridor, was surprised and unprepared retreated with their backs towards me until a wide intersecting corridor where five of their teammates were (all with their backs towards me) and in surprise I unloaded an entire mag on them while bunched together. They simply turned around and opened fire on me in full auto. Needless to say one guy with a handgun against five AEGs (even cheaters) was a bad idea, so I got hit and stepped out of the field.

But in both cases, both these groups were later shunned and banned from most games because of their tendencies to cheat. And so this is my advice to you guys when facing these people, keep your chin up, play the best game you can and let them have their day. One time, you start grumbling, twice and your teammates start grumbling, thrice and several more friends will start grumbling, and so on and so on until everyone knows about their cheating ways and their days in the communities are over.

Forcing them to admit they’re cheating is one way to go about it, and I used to do it that way too. But I found out that by doing it that way you’ll be inviting a backlash of complaints from their friends and people who knows them but are unaware of how they really play. In the end you’ll have the day but not before wading through tons of crap thrown at you.

Feel free to do it though, if you get lucky you might get a neutral witness or two that will back you up and ruin their day. Or if you’re smart, use a helmet mounted camera to record your games like most the people on youtube.

Use your judgment on how to best handle the situation, but think it through before you make a move to avoid an unnecessary conflict. But whatever you do, do not escalate or you’ll be inviting real bloodshed in the end (upgrading your fps just because they won’t call their hits will lead to real injuries).

By Liao1779

How to Deal with Zombies / Cheaters by

I'm a United States Air Force Veteran, Desert Shield & Desert Storm Veteran. I'm a long time WWII reenactor turned into an Airsoft Operator. I mostly reenacted 1st Infantry Division 'Big Red 1' and 101st Airborne. During my years as a WWII reenactor I learned and used many military tactics both urban and woodland. These lessons have helped me adapt to the Sport of Airsoft very easily. I love the sport of Airsoft for many reasons. Some of those reasons are no real uniform restrictions, many weapons to choose from, it's less expensive to get into and the use of modern technology.

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  • On a normal day I see one or two cheaters in Airsoft. Often my team mates complain about way more cheaters. Which makes my curious why. And I’d say most of the people who say that there are cheaters don’t actually hit the “cheaters”. Most of the time it is because of the high distance or the inaccuracy of the guns. I play single fire only and I am able to place precise shots with my gun. Often the players don’t call their hits because there was no fight. They get hit and want to know from where it was and who it was. I guess they think “this isn’t possible” or “was this friendly fire?”. When this happens I just shoot 3-6 shots more on the guy to make him clear that he is out. 99% of the time they call their hit.

  • Laura Bear

    Even when having played paint ball I have seen cheaters and it had made me so angry! For me, if I get hit, I have NO problem calling out because it HURTS and I don’t want to get hit anymore! LOL. I can very easily agree with your approach to dealing with cheaters though. Haha! Very funny stories and, yes, I would just want to shoot them over and over again until they’re hurt enough to call it. It’s pretty sad that these “adults” don’t have enough integrity and/or sportsmanship to just follow the rules of the game. Someone has to lose. Not a big deal if you don’t win every time. Hate to see them in a real gun fight.

  • Botond Mezei

    Im going to start airsofting soon please tell me this isnt normal?

  • Jose Antonio Cornejo Nuñez

    In my country, we called this kind of cheaters “inmortals”, “Higlanders”. In my team, we try to teach about honesty and fair play not only in our team games, specially in open games in an airsoft field.

    Our policy is, if he doesn’t call the hit, shoot him in their legs. if he doesn’t call the hit again, just spot him and swarm him with bb by all the rest of my crew, sorround him.