German Gun Law

In this article, I will give you an insight into what is allowed in Germany and what is not. The german gun law is very restrictive and if you break it you would end up with big problems. I would not use large paragraphs because it makes it too complicated.

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First of all I´ll describe the gun categories.

  • 1 – 0.08 Joule (Full Auto is allowed)
  • 2- 0.5 Joule (Full Auto is allowed)
  • 3 – 0.6 to 7.5 Joules (Semi-Auto Only)

0.08 Joule

All Airsoft guns under 0.08 Joules are free  and viable if you reach the 3 years of age. It counts like any type of toy and is not seen like a gun. (Except that it looks like a real one , than you need to carry it in a closed gun bag during transport or in public view).

0.5 Joule

Airsoft guns under 0.5J are viable if you have reached 14 years of age. It counts as a toy and because of this it is allowed to be fired in full auto mode.

0.6 to 7.5 Joules

Airsoft guns over 0.6J to 7.5J are first viable once you are 18 years old.  They can only shoot semi Auto and is technically not possible to shoot with these guns in full auto.  Also you need to have had an ( F ) printed on your weapon which stands for ( Free Weapon ), this seal you can only get by going to an official gunsmith, there you will get an (F) seal on your Weapon and an important certificate.

How to carry a weapon in Germany?

First of all it is not allowed to have a ready to fire weapon in your case. This means NO Batteries, NO GAS, NO Mag, and NO Ammo. It is only allowed to have an optic on your weapon. It is also important to know that it is not permittable to carry mags in the gun bag. At least you need to have a padlock on it.

Weapon attachments:

In Germany it is not permitable to use flashlights on weapons. The same is said with lasers. This includes ownership of such a device.
(This means if you drive with your car through Germany and you have Lasers or Flashlights with you, it is illegal and can be expensive)

Area of playing Airsoft:

In Germany it is not allowed to play in public places. The place were you play needs to be private and needs to be closed from viewers. It is also important that no bullet can leave the area of play.

Many thanks to the 73th S.A.G. for the photos

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  • skatz

    So i cannot just go to the deep forest and practise on my own? away from public places..

  • Harald

    My question is i come from Belgium and i gone live life in Germany Berlin soon and i want to know What the event rules are and What i need to do on my Airsoft wapens cause here on Belgium on events are simpel but i want to know on Germany cause i hear alot on things there