How to be a Good Sniper in Airsoft?

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How to be a good sniper in Airsoft? What are the Sniper Shooting Skills? There are 3 main basic essentials required for good shooting. You will need to be in a comfortable firing position. You need to ensure that you have a very stable firing position to avoid any un-necessary movement.

You need the correct sight alignment to ensure the correct aim and fire the weapon without disturbing your aim.So, whenever you are getting in position to take a shot think about how long you may be in this position for and to avoid any possible movement that could affect your shot try to remember this checklist.

How to be a Good Sniper in Airsoft? Fire Position Checklist:

When in a firing position you should ensure that you are in a comfortable position and it’s unlikely to become uncomfortable by causing any aches or pains in your joints.

Think about stability for example if you are lying down have you elbows firmly planted on the ground or surface where it is unlikely that they will slip and not too close together or far apart.

Your front arm should be extended so that your front hand is holding the rifle as far enough away as necessary to prevent the end of the rifle from dropping slightly

You should have a firm grip with the other hand around the firing handle and pull it back slightly so that the rifle butt is firmly tucked in against you shoulder

Your eye should be far enough away from the scope so that the scope doesn’t hit your eye if you are using a rifle with a slight recoil.

Make sure that you have a clear view straight through the scope and that there are no thick black shadows around the inside of the scope. This would indicate that your eye is not aligned correctly and you will need to adjust your position slightly until it’s gone.

Correctly breathing whilst aiming is very important. Take slow breaths and then when exhaling stop just short of breathing out and hold your breath just prior to taking the shot. Do Not hold your breath too long however as this will result in strain and will affect your shot. Just exhale normally and start again.

The trigger operation is one of the most important elements to good marksmanship. You should use the first joint of your finger and not the tip and apply pressure to the bottom of the trigger.

Then slowly and very gradually squeeze the trigger until you take up the initial pressure until you feel the second pressure then continue slowly squeezing until the shot is fired

If you are aiming at a moving target, aim slightly in front of the target depending on which way it’s traveling and at what speed. For a person walking at 200ft away then aim about a targets width in front of them, if they’re running then aim about double targets width in front of them.

How to be a Good Sniper in Airsoft? Things to Avoid:

Avoid snatching the trigger or squeezing it too quickly as this will disturb your aim

Avoid flinching whilst taking the shot, you know it’s going to fire so just relax

Don’t hesitate or dwell too long on a shot, the longer you take the more likely your aim will be affected.

Make sure you have a firm grip with your firing hand prior to squeezing the trigger so that you can feel the trigger pressure correctly

Make sure that your rifle and scope are cleaned and working properly and that all securing screws are tightened prior to use.

Can anyone can add to this checklist or provide any other tips for better more accurate airsoft shooting?

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    I have noticed that an error was made stating a distance of 200m *This should be 200ft

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    joli merci tu ma sauvé avant jarretai pas de faire des gourde tu ma vraiment aidé mais ta un chaine youtube fait moi signe tu poura faire un ghilli

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    Would very much like to purchase your book, but seems like it’s locked to UK only? Please, make it international and I can assure you a lot of other people will buy it too!

  • AirsoftActivist

    A huge component of being a good airsoft sniper is choosing your sniper: After you find one you like I recommend you apply the advice above. Its important to become familiar with how your sniper rifle works and how to operate it properly – some models may vary in terms of strength/size and can can affect your shots.

  • Misael Hernandez

    I would recommend sticking to a spring loaded gun mainly because a spring loaded airsoft sniper rifle with a quality scope; is like a 1960 manual mustang. point being with the bolt action sniper aspect of it you’ll be having a lot of fun pulling it back and picking your shots. Not just to mention that they are as reliable as a Toyota corolla. Personally I use cause it’s camo print and it ridiculously proficient for the price Check out my website for valuable airsoft sniper tips