How to Choose Your Airsoft BBs

How to choose your Airsoft BBs

How to choose your Airsoft BBs

Airsoft BBs are the round plastic pellets used as ammos in Airsoft guns. Airsoft gun BBs can be found in a wide range of sizes, weights, colours and materials. Biodegradable BBs are available (and recommended). You can also find tracer pellets for night games.

How to Choose Your Airsoft BBs

Good quality BBs are seamless with a perfect sphere shape and a smooth surface. Most of the time flashy colours indicate poor quality. Light colors BBs will help you see where you are hitting. At the contrary, black BBs are useful to avoid being located when playing as a sniper. The quality of a BB is not only the sphere shape and the smooth surface: some bad quality BB’s may blow up when hitting the target. This may be dangerous when the BB hits goggles with steel net.

The weight of the BB affects its efficiency and accuracy. The 0.20g BB is a standard and the most commonly used. Sniper rifles use 0.28g BBs or heavier for a better precision :

350 fps or less, use 0.20g BBs
Between 350 and 450 fps, use 0.25g or 0.28g BBs
Between 450 and 500 fps, use 0.36g BBs or 0.43g BBs

Heavier BBs also fly for longer distances. Because deceleration of an object is inversely proportional to the mass of the object, heavier BBs lose their kinetic energy slower than lighter BB’s. Heavier BBs require more powerful Airsoft guns though as the weight of the BB lowers its speed.

What Airsoft BBs will You Choose ?

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  • Definitely, 0.25 and up!

    When shooting on a sniper rifle, other things like hop up, and precision canyon get more important. Once you have upgraded a few things you can appreciate the weight difference from shooting with one or another, and then the brand for precision.. However, many people uses lower weights on shotguns and grenades, because what you are looking for, isn’t the precision anymore but the range of impact.

    The best brand, in almost, any weight is G&G, followed by Tanio Koba, and Madbull.

  • Willem the Gunner

    I use 0.25gr and up. The 0.25 shoots the best to my opinion. I use the trademark 101 INC. Airsoft Division. The 101 INC. bb’s shoot very well!

  • iDefect

    How do you test the quality of a BB, especially Biodegradable ones?