How to create an Airsoft team?

airsoft team

How to create an Airsoft team?

How to Create a Small Airsoft Team, and Effectively Use It.

1. Knowing Your Teammates.

To effectively run a small airsoft team you will need to know the people that are on the team, not in a personal way mind you, but you need to understand their strengths and the way they think. One of the best ways to know your teammates strengths is to train together and watch what they’re good at. And as well, teamwork is the ultimate key to winning.

2. Who’s Who?

Once you figure out who is good at what, you will need to assign them a role on the team. An effective small team should consist of a group of four to seven guys, and everyone needs to know what to do and how to do it. A small team should be made up of a mix of everything. Such as from the list below.

  1. Sniper / Scout
  2. Support Gunner
  3. Medic
  4. Rifleman
  5. Radio operator
  6. Squad leader

Sniper / Scout

A sniper / scout is crucial if you want an effective team, the snipers job is to scout ahead and remain unseen, or station themselves at a vantage point to cover the team from a distance.

The scout / sniper will need to be one with high fitness, and stealth. And also good with a gun.

Support gunner

It is a good idea to have a support gunner on the team. Someone who can carry ammo, and lay down heavy fire on a target. The support gunners job is to provide assistance where it is needed on the battlefield. This may range from manning a bunker, to covering the team as it progresses to a target zone. The support gunner will need to be one in very good condition. Lugging around an M-60 and extra ammo all day can get tiring if you are not physically fit.


A medic is someone who concentrates on the health of his team mates. Depending on the battle scenario, your medic may or may not be needed in the game. But he is nevertheless important in either scenario. Even if you are not playing medic, he is still the one who makes sure everyone stays hydrated and doesn’t over heat. Failure to stay hydrated in an airsoft game could be life threatening. It is extremely important to drink lots of water. The medic will need to be one who has some medical understanding and he will need to be just as good a rifleman as anyone else on the team.


A rifleman is the body of the team. A small fire squad may have two or three riflemen on it. They’re  the ones who will concentrate on the objective and see it carried out. They will have to know how to double-stack a door, clear a room or bunker, how to concentrate their fire, and many other tactical maneuvers. The rifleman should be someone who can see things carried out to the letter. They will also  need to be able to move fast and quietly.

Radio operator

The radio operator will be in charge of communications, electronics, charges, and making sure the team communications amongst themselves. They will need to have an understanding of the area, and let the rest of the team know where to go and where to be.


Every team needs a leader. An effective team cannot operate without one distinguished person who the team follows and trusts. The leader of the team will need to be one who is the most skilled and can strategize. The leaders job is to make plans, give orders, see the team is working effectively and know what is going on. Every great leader puts his team first, he is the first one in and the last one out. The leader of the team will need to be smart, physically fit, trusted by his team, and have good judgement.

3. Training

Once you have your team picked out and everyone has a job, it is time to train. Training together is crucial, your team will need to know how to solve problems together, work together and trust each other. It is a very good idea to “play army.” Though this sounds childish, it is very effective. “Playing army” is when you simulate a real life scenario such as; being pinned down in a bunker, and trying to figure out how to get out. Though there is no one shooting at you, you must pretend that there is. Set up targets and say that if you stand up for more than 3 seconds you’re dead. This can be a great way to train as a team and learn how to resolve problems as a team.

Article written by Chandler P. Haag. AKA LT, Chan.
Many thanks to Ashleigh Wright for the photos

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