How to Prepare for an Airsoft Event?

How to prepare for an Airsoft game

How to prepare for an Airsoft game

How to prepare for an Airsoft Event?

Overview: In this article I intend to cover all the basics and necessities for preparing for a large event. A few comedic jabs were incorporated, but I felt they were necessary to connect with the reader on a more personal level.

Why? I am covering this topic because I’ve found that I myself, and many others have forgotten things or could have prepared more efficiently in the past. This is an extremely useful skillset that demonstrates conviction, leadership, and organization.

So, You’re Going to an Airsoft Event?

Well, contrary to what many people think, one does not simply “go” to an airsoft event. As we all know, airsoft is a sport that is both demanding and involving. To lead, to inspire, and to efficiently prepare is a skillset that is not easily mastered. As a leader, you must have control and execute with accuracy through intelligent decisions. To inspire, you must simply succeed. And to efficient prepare, you must utilize both of the previous traits.

As the leader of my squad, I’ve developed tactics to ensure my team is properly prepared, and I’ve cultivated much experience throughout my leadership term. The first and the most important aspect of preparation is of course, the Tally. The Tally, is a concept used by every person who embarks on a quest or some sort of adventure, and it’s simply the organization of gear. The night before your big game, layout your gear in its entirety, and ensure that each item you bring will serve a purpose, and for each item you discard, be sure you had a good reason why.

Next, consider the length of your game. Like every other airsofter on this planet, you probably started out locally with hydration and food available around the corner of some indoor field. Playing on a larger field with hills and roads offering an eerie sense of isolation from anybody without guns, hydration and sustenance will most likely be scarce. To remedy this, and boost your standing amongst your squad members, bring a cooler. A cooler full of ice and water bottles will have every member of your squad praising you, chanting things like “Oh gracious one, you’ve given us life again!” and “Dear Lord of Waterfalls, would thou grace me with liquid of rejuvenation?”

In addition to being awesome, every other person attending the games will be extremely jealous, and they may even try to barter with you to purchase some of those precious water bottles. The next core ingredient to any good time is food. Pack a lunch, a healthy one to be precise, because a cheeseburger or a greasy sandwich will be a major hindrance to your battlefield performance. Packing other healthy snacks to eat throughout the day is also a common practice. Consider bringing nuts, peanut butter crackers, and it’s good to toss a few greens into the mix as well.

Finally, the most important part of preparation: The Iron Fist. Let’s step back for a moment and calculate the costs of all of this.

Generally, the entry fee of a field will cost you $20.

Next are the water bottles and bags of ice, so we can safely settle on another $7-12.

Following those, we have your lunch and snacks. Assuming you packed you own lunch, random snacks are easily going to cost you $4-7 for a squad of people.

Finally, we have transportation and fuel funds. If you’re driving, depending on how close or how are the field is, let’s add an additional $10-25 for gas.

So, to play airsoft on a larger field and after preparing, we’ve spent about $41-64. Now, the whole point of a leader is to lead, and a leader has enough on his or her plate after putting this whole thing together. So, feel free to branch out the costs, it’s not a lot to ask, and not a lot to give.

Driver – Pays for gas, drives, but eats and drinks for free. This persons location is also most likely to be the meeting place.

Water supply – Pays for ice and water, also supplies cooler. Eats for free and has a ride.

Random snacks provider – Provides the snacks or larger food items, but has a ride and gets free ice cold water.

A squad is about contribution from each individual member for the execution of a common goal. These practices will mesh your squad members closer together, and is guaranteed to improve field results as well as player attitudes. In conclusion, after following the advice of this article and improving your overall airsofting experience, you will be completely prepared for a day on the field, and so will everybody else.

– Raggunus, C.A.M.I.L.L.O. Squad leader.
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    Thank you very much for this helpful information!

    As an Airsoft admirer, I’m only too sad having to say, that in my situation, I’m currently not able to play airsoft myself. Nor have I ever played an ”official” game before, or ever had the chance to get into it. Having only a few Spring-operated guns myself, and living in a country that’s very stricked about its general safety, and concepts like ‘Replicas’ and guns in general, I haven’t been able to practice this sport so much. But I believe a true Airsoft fan, does not only posses, in a sense, all the equipment, and ‘cool’ guns, just to shoot some up, but also cares about all the important aspects around it… So for me, to read about it, and looking at such a reportage, about how to prepare for an Airsoft event, is just as exciting, and who knows, very helpful for future participation, when time and circumstances gives me the opportunity, to get into this wonderful sport…!!!

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