Major announcement: Airsoft will go social in February 2011

Airsoft Squared brings Web 2.0 to Airsoft. Airsoft Squared is a brand new social network designed to connect Airsoft players and communities providing web-based tools for content publication, scenarios and reviews creation, events and groups management. All the collaborative and social features you need for you and your team. And it’s just the beginning. In 2011 Airsoft Squared will raise Airsoft to Power two. A marketplace and an awesome contest are coming. Grand Opening planned for mid-February. Stay tuned.

Airsoft Squared has been specifically designed for:
– Airsoft Players
– Organizers: Teams and Associations
– Skirmish sites: Fields and Venues
– Brands: Ecommerces, Retailers and Manufacturers
– Medias: Blogs, Websites and Magazines

Airsoft Squared features:
– Create and manage your online profile.
– Connect with players from the entire world.
– Discover awesome contents through categories, filters and tags.
– Create, publish and share playable Airsoft scenarios in no time.
– Create, publish and share equipment reviews.
– Compare reviews and get buying advice from community experts.
– Find teams, associations, fields and retailers in your region.
– Find games and Airsoft-related events in your region.
– Manage and promote local and worldwide games and events.
– Manage and promote groups for teams, fields, brands and medias.
– Interact with players and customers thanks to the blog and forum features.
– Share your contents publicly, or privately with players and teammates and spread them online.
– Get feedback on your contents.

More about Airsoft Squared :
Airsoft Squared Official Blog :
Airsoft Squared on Twitter :
Airsoft Squared on Facebook :

Major announcement: Airsoft will go social in February 2011 by
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  • Axel

    I was trying to find your @-mail address but I failed so I’ll write it here.

    If you are looking for a translator (eng->polish) than I can help you.
    I can translate GUI and whole website in to Polish lang.

    So if you are interested than you have my @-mail.

    • admin

      Thank you Axel. I won’t forget this. We are finishing the website and adding the last features and then we’ll manage the translations. So we are definitely interested. Many thanks.

  • Shed

    Airsoft is one of my friends favorite sport. This is great! My friends will surely love this one. I’m not really into airsoft for I am afraid and I don’t want to feel the pain that you may get when you are hit. Besides I think that this kind of game suits the men well rather than women.