Squad Leader Defined

Squad Leader Defined : A Squad Leader’s job is to guide and direct their Operators (6 to 12 Airsoft Operators), make and enforce the rules. During combat, squad leaders are responsible for the very lives of their Operators, directing them through  tactical decisions for the squad, and every step of the battle. The operators lives depend on the Squad Leaders decisions and how well they handle themselves under pressure.

How to become a Squad Leader

During their time as rifleman, Operators  are observed for a special blend of infantry skills, experience, toughness, intelligence, selflessness and communication skills by their Commanders. Time is the teacher, sometimes they’re baptized by fire, but most have time to build a foundation. A majority of the time a Squad Leader is chosen by their upper command.

squad leader airsoft

Some of the traits of a good Squad leader:

  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skill (verbal, radio, hand signals)
  • Field savvy (experience)
  • Toughness
  • Selflessness
  • Intelligence

Preferred Equipment





Radio Gear




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I'm a United States Air Force Veteran, Desert Shield & Desert Storm Veteran. I'm a long time WWII reenactor turned into an Airsoft Operator. I mostly reenacted 1st Infantry Division 'Big Red 1' and 101st Airborne. During my years as a WWII reenactor I learned and used many military tactics both urban and woodland. These lessons have helped me adapt to the Sport of Airsoft very easily. I love the sport of Airsoft for many reasons. Some of those reasons are no real uniform restrictions, many weapons to choose from, it's less expensive to get into and the use of modern technology.

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