How To: Start an Airsoft Team

How do you start and run an Airsoft team?

This is one of those questions that gets asked around quite often in our sport. In this article, we will examine first your motivations for wanting to start an Airsoft team, whether any other options might be better for you, and if you still are determined to start your own team then we’ll discuss some appropriate basic steps to accomplishing this task.  I have played as both an independent player, and a member of several Airsoft teams over the past decade, and started my own team last year. To write this article I will draw on advice I’ve received and heard over the years, tips I have read in online forums, and personal experience from my own efforts starting and building a team of my own. This article is by no means a complete step by step, “do it this way or you will fail” guide, but rather a discussion of why and how you put together a team that will last and happy to be a part of.

This is part one of the two part article on “How do you start and run an Airsoft Team?”. You can find part two here.

How to start an Airsoft team?

First off, why do you want to start a team?

What are your motivations for wanting to do so much work (and it is a great deal of work to start a team).

Do you find a thrill in the effort of putting together and organizing a group of players for a specific purpose?

If so, you may have not realised leadership skills just bursting to get out.

Are there no teams in your area to begin with?

If this is true, a new start up team may be just what is needed to give the sport a boost in your area.

Are there no teams in your area that you are interested in Joining?

This is a bit more complex question – but still may be a good reason to start a new team. If the teams in your area play a different style, or have different values than you think are important, a new team might be just the solution for you. Have you considered joining one of these teams and trying their style of play? You may find that it grows on you, expands your experience, and opens your eyes to new ways of enjoying our sport. If however, the existing teams in your area have values that you disagree with (lack of fair play and sportsmanship for example), then obviously joining them is not a good option for you.

Are there no teams in your area that will allow you to join?

Again, this is a more complex problem.. be sure to ask why they wont let you join. It may just be an age issue, or they may perceive your maturity level, or skill level to be insufficient, or they may simply not be recruiting at the present time. There are many possible reasons that a team may not let you join, and some of them might be addressed by your own efforts to become a better player, gain and demonstrate more maturity, meet their admissibility requirements, etc. You may find that working towards joining a team to be an easier task than starting your own, additionally you might become a better player in the process.

Do you want to have your own group to be in charge of? Do you want to give orders and be in command? 

This is a different issue altogether. It may indicate a strong personality and leadership skills, or it may simply be that you feel a need to be in control of yourself and others to feel worthy of respect or admiration, or to feel strong. I don’t want to get into this too much, as that is a discussion more suited to a journal of modern psychology than an article for an Airsoft blog. Suffice it to say that you will have to look inside yourself, and be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. If you want to be in charge because it makes you feel good to be the boss, then its safe to say that is not a good reason to start a team of your own.

The best reason (in my personal opinion) to start a team, is you and a group of friends want to be involved in the sport together. You are all in agreement that starting your own group, training and working together to enjoy this sport as your own unit will bring you more satisfaction.

You may find many other reasons or motivations for wanting to start your own team. Careful consideration of your reasons will let you know what to do and how to proceed.

Now you have given some thought to why you wanted to start a team. You may have decided against it at this point, and decided to join an existing team, or to continue playing on your own. Many of you will undoubtedly have decided to proceed with starting your own team, so lets now discuss how to effectively go about that.

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How To: Run an Airsoft Team


Written by Sean Walsh
Photo by Ross Mackerracher (many thanks)

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