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¿Que te lleva al campo de juego?


Iniciemos una discusión. Una pregunta que he escuchado con frecuencia es: ¿Qué nos motiva a jugar? Sin grandes disertaciones puedo decir que la respuesta más sencilla es que por algún rato dejamos de lado la vida cotidiana, nos ponemos encima

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How to Deal with Zombies / Cheaters

Okay people, here’s the taboo topic that everyone wants to talk about in the open but no one dares to for fear of retaliation. Well here it is folks, some players CHEAT. They walk around as if they’re bulletproof or

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The Myth of Airsoft

This article is more directed towards the people around the players, to help explain some things that is very hard to impossible for non players to understand. I’m not even sure I can put these feelings into words well enough

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How to be an Airsoft Point Man

How to be an Airsoft Point Man is a vital position is any Airsoft squad or platoon. You are the front man of the squad leading the way into harms way and providing the first set of eyes and ears

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Basic Airsoft Survival Tips

Here are some Basic Airsoft Survival tips that will help you succeed in the field. Just using some of your basic senses will help you survive in the field.

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14 Airsoft Game Ideas and Scenarios

14 Airsoft Game Ideas and Scenarios.

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Squad Command and Team Motivation in Airsoft Games

The tactics and execution style of an Airsoft team will no doubt define you as a squad more than anything. Flags, patches, slogans, and call signs are all minor appreciations of what a team thinks they are. A team’s image

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