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Hit por rebotes / ricochet

Los hits por rebotes son los más “polémicos” y por esa misma razón la mayoría de clubes evitan aceptarlos como hit.

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How To Use Airsoft Grenades & Flash Bangs

Grenades and Flash Bangs in Airsoft are a fun and efficient way to kill or stun many Airsoft operators at one time. Depending on the field you play at there are different rules on how the Airsoft grenade or flash

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The 25 Craziest Airsoft gadgets

The Craziest Airsoft gadgets: these gadgets and equipments could be useful or not. But in all cases they can be a lot of fun. If you are working on projects of gadgets (turrets, drones, tanks, planes, remote control vehicles, grenades,

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How to be an Airsoft Grenadier?

Airsoft – The Roles: Grenadier You’re bunkered down behind a window, good concealment and cover; you pop up and spin off a few shots. Your feeling good, when all of a sudden you hear a “WOOSH” and BBs start falling

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