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El Case en American MilSim: Op. Copperhead

Jorge Case o “El Pinche Grinch” es jugador activo del equipo Spec-Ops (TF/11) y su callsign es S002, es un jugador mexicano experimentado y entusiasta por los eventos MilSim. Su pasión por el airsoft lo ha llevado a terrenos estadounidenses, en esta ocasión leeremos

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¿Qué es Airsoft?


Les invito a ver mi más reciente vídeo de “350 FPS – ‪#‎Airsoft‬ por Internet” En esta ocasión me animé a responder “¿Qué es #Airsoft?” pero le dí un enfoque distinto, les invito a ustedes que me respondan esa misma

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¿Cómo mantener a un equipo MilSim unido? Robo Murray responde


Cualquier practicante de esta variante airsoft se ha encontrado o se encontrará de frente con esta pregunta y más vale estar preparado pues, créanlo o no, de eso depende muchas veces que un equipo continúe con vida en el camino

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Hit por rebotes / ricochet

Los hits por rebotes son los más “polémicos” y por esa misma razón la mayoría de clubes evitan aceptarlos como hit.

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¿Que te lleva al campo de juego?


Iniciemos una discusión. Una pregunta que he escuchado con frecuencia es: ¿Qué nos motiva a jugar? Sin grandes disertaciones puedo decir que la respuesta más sencilla es que por algún rato dejamos de lado la vida cotidiana, nos ponemos encima

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How to Train your Airsoft Team ?

In my last article, I discussed how to start an airsoft team. I’m sure that many of you have established your own groups and teams since that time. Now that you’ve started a team, you will want to begin training

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How To: Start an Airsoft Team


How do you start and run an Airsoft team?

This is one of those questions that gets asked around quite often in our sport. In this article, we will examine first your motivations for wanting to start an Airsoft team, whether any other options might be better for you, and if you still are determined to start your own team then we’ll discuss some appropriate basic steps to accomplishing this task. I have played as both an independent player, and a member of several Airsoft teams over the past decade, and started my own team last year. To write this article I will draw on advice I’ve received and heard over the years, tips I have read in online forums, and personal experience from my own efforts starting and building a team of my own. This article is by no means a complete step by step, “do it this way or you will fail” guide, but rather a discussion of why and how you put together a team that will last and happy to be a part of.

This is part one of the two part article on “How do you start and run an Airsoft Team?”. You can find part two here.

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How to Deal with Zombies / Cheaters

Okay people, here’s the taboo topic that everyone wants to talk about in the open but no one dares to for fear of retaliation. Well here it is folks, some players CHEAT. They walk around as if they’re bulletproof or

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The Myth of Airsoft

This article is more directed towards the people around the players, to help explain some things that is very hard to impossible for non players to understand. I’m not even sure I can put these feelings into words well enough

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How to be an Airsoft Point Man

How to be an Airsoft Point Man is a vital position is any Airsoft squad or platoon. You are the front man of the squad leading the way into harms way and providing the first set of eyes and ears

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