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El Case en American MilSim: Op. Copperhead

Jorge Case o “El Pinche Grinch” es jugador activo del equipo Spec-Ops (TF/11) y su callsign es S002, es un jugador mexicano experimentado y entusiasta por los eventos MilSim. Su pasión por el airsoft lo ha llevado a terrenos estadounidenses, en esta ocasión leeremos

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Hit por rebotes / ricochet

Los hits por rebotes son los más “polémicos” y por esa misma razón la mayoría de clubes evitan aceptarlos como hit.

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How To Use Airsoft Grenades & Flash Bangs

Grenades and Flash Bangs in Airsoft are a fun and efficient way to kill or stun many Airsoft operators at one time. Depending on the field you play at there are different rules on how the Airsoft grenade or flash

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What Does It Feel Like to Get Shot with an Airsoft Gun?

What does it feel like to get shot with an airsoft gun? Do Airsoft BBs hurt? Most of you who have played a game of airsoft, may be able to answer this question in their own opinion. However, do you

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The Top 10 Airsoft Accessories

Just about any airsofter will agree, that the most important thing in airsoft is your primary weapon. But for many airsofters, it doesn’t stop there. Some accessories can help improve your skill and heighten your airsofting experience. While others just

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The 10 Essential Airsoft Accessories

Based on an Airsoft Operator Using an AEG Rifle System (M4, AK47, M16, MP5, the list is numerous).

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Comment choisir vos BBs Airsoft ?

Comment choisir vos Billes d’Airsoft ? Les billes d’Airsoft (ou « BBs » en Anglais) sont les projectiles arrondis employés comme munitions pour répliques d’Airsoft. Elles possèdent des caractéristiques très variées : taille, masse, couleurs et matériaux de fabrication. Des billes biodégradables existent aussi,

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Comment choisir ses billes pour l’Airsoft ?

Comment choisir ses billes pour l’Airsoft ? Les munitions utilisées à l’Airsoft sont de petites billes en plastiques. On en trouve dans différents poids, tailles, matériaux et couleurs. Il existe également des billes biodégradables (ce qui est plutôt recommandé). Vous

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How to Choose Your Airsoft BBs

Airsoft BBs are the round plastic pellets used as ammos in Airsoft guns. Airsoft gun BBs can be found in a wide range of sizes, weights, colours and materials. Biodegradable BBs are available (and recommended). You can also find tracer pellets

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