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¿Cómo mantener a un equipo MilSim unido? Robo Murray responde

Cualquier practicante de esta variante airsoft se ha encontrado o se encontrará de frente con esta pregunta y más vale estar preparado pues, créanlo o no, de eso depende muchas veces que un equipo continúe con vida en el camino

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Airsoft Noobs

Fatal Flaws of Noobs : “A new member of a community lacking in experience” The Noob The term “Noob” as defined by the Gaming Community states: “A new member of a community lacking in experience”. Noobs are considered by many

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Beginners’ Guide to Buying an Airsoft Gun

Right from the years of 1970s, Airsoft has turned out to be a thrilling sport among those who would love to become soldiers in real life, but could not do the same for certain limitations. Though the sport started and

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