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How To Run an Airsoft Team

How do you start and run an Airsoft team?

This is one of those questions that gets asked around quite often in our sport. In this article, we will examine first your motivations for wanting to start an Airsoft team, whether any other options might be better for you, and if you still are determined to start your own team then we’ll discuss some appropriate basic steps to accomplishing this task. I have played as both an independent player, and a member of several Airsoft teams over the past decade, and started my own team last year. To write this article I will draw on advice I’ve received and heard over the years, tips I have read in online forums, and personal experience from my own efforts starting and building a team of my own. This article is by no means a complete step by step, “do it this way or you will fail” guide, but rather a discussion of why and how you put together a team that will last and happy to be a part of.

This is part two of the two part article on “How do you start and run an Airsoft Team?”. You can find part one here.

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