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Niños y Airsoft

El Airsoft tiene como pilares la honestidad y valor. También es un ejercicio físico respetable y enseña a trabajar en equipo. La emoción del juego y la posibilidad de vivir fantasías propias de un filme de acción lo hace lo

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The Myth of Airsoft

This article is more directed towards the people around the players, to help explain some things that is very hard to impossible for non players to understand. I’m not even sure I can put these feelings into words well enough

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What makes a great airsoft sniper rifle?

What makes a great airsoft sniper rifle? “I’m lying under a bush with my barrel barely sticking out from under it, I’m almost invisible. In the scope I see movement in the tree line… Three guys slowly moving towards my position.

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How to Choose a First Airsoft Gun?

How to choose a first Airsoft Gun? When choosing an Airsoft weapon, there are a few basics you should consider before making any purchases. Get it wrong and it will prove financially costly. Ultimately it is all down to you

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