The Top 10 BB Guns and Brands For Sale (2014)

Top 10 Brands and BB Guns For Sale: Like any hobby or interest that is given to preference; it’s all subjective. Except Indian food. Indian food is clearly the best food available. But this isn’t about that. This is about airsoft guns. The hard part about defining whether an airsoft gun is worthy of play or not, is often at the whim of the player’s partialities. I’ll try to define here, in a clearly unscientific way, the best of the best in these five categories.

Five Categories:

  1. Best Internals
  2. Alternative Propulsions
  3. Best Body
  4. Good Value
  5. Good Durability

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Best Internals

According to my flimsy internet survey:

Tokyo Marui and ICS

Tokyo Marui has proven over the last 23 years in the airsoft business that they are the go-to brand for reliability. Forumers not only praise the no-maintenance appeal of their guns, but subscribe to it as if it were a doctrine. If you want a gun that you’re not going to have to fix every 20,000-50,000 rounds, then Marui is the best choice.

It’s difficult to give a definitive opinion of ICS as a top of the line gearbox. But the split-gearbox style in use by the company makes upper gearbox work a breeze for those that do experience the hardships associate with reported poor component choices.

Alternative Propulsions

The process of elimination leaves me with the understanding that you can’t shoot actual bullets at people:

PolarStar and Daytona Gun

Completely disregarding the fact that airsoft was designed, in part, out of a desire to be unchained from a weapon, PolarStar has designed an HPA powered, Electro-Pneumatic, monster gearbox called the Fusion Engine. PolarStar has two options for play: purchase the gearbox and install it yourself (V2, V3, M240, M249) or buy their pre-installed-gearbox weapons. Despite the impressive numbers, the prices are hefty. Expect to pay no less than $400 for a Fusion Engine alone.

Daytona Guns feature the same source of propulsion, but are operationally different from PolarStar, using a gas blow back design.

Best Body

Far be it from me to suggest that I have the best body, but I’ve been compared to the Venus De Milo:

Classic Army and Systema

From the outset, Classic Army strived to provide realism for the recreational and hardcore airsoft players. Classic Army products try to offer realistic weights and scales as best they can, for the prices they offer. One can expect similar quality from VFC.

The Systema PTW. A member in a short list of almost legendary airsoft guns, the Systema sports some of the most realistic scales, trigger response, and body tolerances. Consider Celcius as one of its only competitors.

Good Value

You get what you pay for. And in this case, it’s not much. But, you get what you pay for:

JG and Systema

If you buy an airsoft gun new, it most likely comes with five things: Gun, battery, battery, and charger, and a manual. Consider yourself lucky if it includes a small package of BBs, and a manual that reads in your language. For the beginner, the value lies in the ready-to-go nature of essentials. Look at brands like JG and DBoys for a mix of average reliability and value. But for those veteran players who already have a charger and batteries, look at those higher end weapons that are “li-po ready” and possibly forego the unnecessary extras. Buy a Systema Challenge Kit and have fun putting it together yourself.

Good Durability

There’s a joke here about somebody’s mom falling on their gun: 

Real Sword, Lonex, and System Supercore

Stick with brands that, at the least, use polymer bodies. Arguments about “polymer vs. plastic aside,” it’s easier to refer to higher qualities bodies as polymer, and lower quality as plastic. Stay away from brands like Well and Firepower, that use plastic gearboxes with plastic bodies that are more suited for swatting flies. Stick with brands that use high quality polymer bodies like Real Sword, and you won’t have to worry about shouldering a duct-taped stump whenever you line up a shot.

Lonex offers gearboxes with high tolerances for internals and mechbox fitment. Sections of the gearbox, notably the area forward of the cylinder, are reinforced to prevent separation. Bearings, shimming, and are also reported to be superior. The piston’s teeth are majority reinforced with metal.

Speaking of pistons; aluminum pistons, while more resistant to related wear or failure than polycarbonate pistons, are more likely to irreparably damage a mechbox. The choice for the discerning technician is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate pistons are lightweight, nearly as impact and shear resistant as aluminum, and most often have reinforced teeth. The best on the market, as deemed by the many technicians that populate the internet, seems to be the Supercore Piston by System (not to be confused with Systema).

Many thanks to the Recon Ghosts for the photo

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  • Brian

    I am looking for an airsoft gun to keep my neighbors cat out of my yard and my bird feeders.
    I don’t want to kill it…..I just want to deter it. Any suggestions?

    • Rob Cromarty

      so use a super soaker u sick fuck.. why hurt it when cats hate water?

      • David Pandamian

        they hate water, but pain they’ll remember.
        water is useless

    • David Pandamian

      use the upgraded l96 with 900 power and .45 bb’s, ill get rid of it without you even knowing it :)

    • David Pandamian

      or use a gass operated mp7 that has 500 . and 4 granades just to be sure