The 5 Best G&G guns

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The Best G&G guns

The 5 Best G&G guns: G&G Armament has been one of many of the best airsoft manufacturers in recent years. With numerous products for sale and many variances to choose from, here is our top 5 AEGs by G&G Armament (The top 5 are not in any particular order):

G&G TR4-18 (HK416)

The G&G TR4-18 is a take on a classic favourite. The main body of the  gun has a solid feel as it’s a full metal body with the choice of either a full 14.5 inch metal barrel or a short 10.5 inch variant. The TR4-18 is designed to resemble the HK416 and is accompanied with the HK 416 style iron sights. Being part of the G&G Top Tech brand, the gun also features their proprietary pneumatic blowback system which adds a small but noticeable blowback kick (which adds to the realism).

The HK style iron sights can be removed to allow for other attachments. The TR4-18 comes with an ergonomic pistol grip and a monolithic rail which makes the gun aesthetically pleasing to anyone who loves putting attachments onto their guns. Compared to older models of G&G, the internal gearbox of the TR4-18 has been enhanced with 8mm ball bearings and a functional forward assist which decompresses the internal spring. If you are looking for a great performing AEG with the ability to outperform other entry level AEGs, check out the G&G Armament TR4-18.


G&G M14 H.B.A. EBR Short

The M14 was brought back into service with the US Military and was issued to designated marksman and snipers. Unlike snipers who work alone, designated marksmen operate within fire teams in order to fill in the gap between the standard rifleman and a sniper. Although the M14 has proven itself to be accurate, it has unfortunately fallen short in one key area. Today, the use of attachments are almost as vital as the rifle itself.

This is why the next logical step to improving the M14, was to add a RIS rail to the front end of the rifle; this is what the G&G M14 H.B.A. EBR Short is replicating. Aside from the ability to mount accessories, the M14 H.B.A. has a retractable skeleton stock which allows the user to adjust the length which can assist in situations when a shorter rifle is more adequate.

The G&G M14 H.B.A. is made of a full metal, CNC machined construction which is strong and light (although the rifle overall is not as lightweight). The inner barrel of the rifle has been stabilised within the main chassis to assist with accuracy and has been shortened to allow for easier weapon manipulation in various combat situations. The finish of the gun is professional and of a very high quality considering it is only an airsoft gun.  Overall, this rifle is perfect if you want the range of a bolt action rifle, but the suppressive capabilities of a normal AEG.


G&G GR15 Raider CQB

The G&G GR15 Raider is an excellent solution if you are looking for an AEG which is high quality but low in price range. The body is made from ABS plastic, however it is not likely to break easily under pressure. The only external metal parts of the rifle are the outer barrel and the railed RIS front end. The G&G gearbox has the proprietary pneumatic blowback system which allows for added realism when you fire the AEG. The battery is housed in the crane stock which is more than enough space for nun-chuck batteries or lipos. Overall this is a very well built beginner’s rifle with room for upgrades and multiple accessories.



The G&G FN Herstal SCAR-L (licensed by Cybergun) is a good alternative to all the AR M4 variants out there in the airsoft world. It has the ability to use the same STANAG magazines and is the same length as a typical M4. The SCAR-L lower body is made of heavy duty polymer but the upper monolithic rail and barrel is all made of metal. The stock is foldable which allows for the user to shorten the length of the rifle without obstructing the shell ejection port. This allows for the hop to be accessed within the ejection port regardless of the stock being folded or not. In fact, the bolt release is functional and allows the user to adjust the hop unit without having to hold the bolt open. Overall this AEG is a great alternative to the standard M4 and has great performance out of the box.



The G&G GR-16 is everything you want from an AR M4 and much more.  With G&G stock externals, this gun is much higher in quality and more aesthetically pleasing. G&G have tastefully added their logo onto the magwell of this rifle but have included serial numbers and the name of the model. The gearbox houses standard G&G internals with 8mm ball bearing bushings. The rifle also comes standard with a 6.04 tight bore inner barrel, to help with accuracy and tighter groupings.


Written by Jonathan Alberto

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  • Daniel Cronon

    G&G is Quality!

  • AirsoftActivist

    G&G is one of my favorite brands. They have fair prices and quality guns! I think my favorite has to be the G&G Combat Machine M4 Raider. This is one of my favorite reviews of a G&G rifle: . Most of them also tend to come with tactical rails too, which is nice because I always like to add attachments to my weapons.