Top 5 Essential Airsoft Equipment

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What are the Best Airsoft Equipment

What are the Best Airsoft Guns and equipments? Here are the Top 5 Airsoft Guns and Equipment

According to Duncan Millar from Recreational Kombat and Cobra Airsoft Legion (comment and tell your top 5 favorite guns in the comments).

Playing the game is all about simulating the real life experiences of operators from the field. We don face paint, and strap our boots up tight. We create missions based on true events and play in the mud. And when you managed to complete all of the mission objectives, because you actually paid attention to the briefing, the feeling is pretty good. But just like real life, you spent all that money just for your equipment to fail at the worst time. With that, reliability has become a major factor when buying guns and gear. There’s a large amount of overlap in equipment between military and police, and airsoft, so a lot of gear has already proven its reliability. When it comes to most airsoft stuff however, and I say “stuff” because that’s really what it is; you get what you pay for. Now check out these products for the more reliable and, theoretically, realistic experiences available.

AKG-74M by KWA

AKG 74M KWAKWA is already known for realism. So despite not having a lengthy presence in the market, the rifle has a grandfathered-in advantage because of its namesake. Things like the accurately sized pistol grip (no need for a motor, so the grip has been trimmed to life-like size) and realistic field stripping mean this weapon most likely barely passed ATF inspection by the whiskers on its chin. Niceties like the barrel-type hop-up adjustment and “dry fire/no fire”, as I am now coining (patent-pending? copyright?), magazines that can be adjusted to allow the bolt to lock when ammunition is depleted, make the weapon a very recreational airsoft friendly platform. KWA also reinforced the follower nub considering the relatively heavy bolt.

The piece-de-resistance of this rifle is KWA’s heralded NS2 blow back system, which is known to be the best on the market. Many have claimed it works much better in colder weather than regular GBB systems much to the chagrin of the GBB enthusiast. The AKG-74m is built on a 1:1 scale and weighs roughly the same as its real-life counterpart, coming in at a only a few ounces more.

Imagine it. Your hiding on the other side of a trap door, rice paddy hat firmly strapped to your chin. The western dog is arrogantly stalking towards you, unaware of the horror that lies ahead. You jump out! He laughs heartily when you pull the trigger on your rubber band gun and he lollipops away, secure in the fact that you could’ve shot him with the coolest blowback AK on the market, but instead, you’re just that guy from the Viet-Cong tunnel network that let him get away.

Thunder B by Hakkotsu

thunder-bI won’t spend as much time reminiscing about ‘Nam for this review. I don’t know how it is in other countries, because America, but Thunder B’s are numero uno for the discerning operator. The Thunder B may not be completely realistic but it has its merits. Just like a real grenade, it operates using a striker lever, but instead of hitting a primer with a striker, it simply punctures the top of a cheap and readily available C02 canister, allowing it to fill the plastic container until it explodes and your enemy is covered in whatever ideally non-permanent material with which you filled it. My favorite: Grape jelly. Good Jesus, they are loud. My favorite field in rural Indiana, is about 50 acres large and they can clearly be heard from one side to the other. At approximately $2.3 USD per frightening explosion to operate, it can get pricey, so don’t go on a spending spree just because you like to see people pee themselves. The one-time use shells are great as dummy canisters that after use, can be thrown at unsuspecting players who run or scream in terror. All together they’re a great addition to your arsenal. They look cool on your tactical vest, and are the cheapest simulation you can get.

Guarder GX-1000/Save Phace Grunt Goggles

GaurderMy jealousy hits the stratosphere every time I watch airsoft videos hosted in other countries because I often see the luxury that is wearing regular safety glasses. Here, with our 10 standard airbags, dental dams, and Daddle’s (a device used to keep your child safe and upright when saddling their workhorse father during fake pony rides; yes it’s real, Google it), we are required by most insurance policies to wear full-seal goggles. Therefore our biggest enemy in most climates outside of the south west is fogging. These products are great because they use a design that allows the glass to float over the frame, allowing more than adequate air flow while giving it a sleek look and still maintain standards of protection.

Irene Adaptive Sling by Mission Spec

ireneThis product does mostly have a military and police following, but I’ve allowed it in as an exception because they were very graceful and supportive of the airsoft community at their inception. On the surface it’s a fairly complicated design, but once you get used to adjusting it, you only have to do it that one time. Open a new tab in your browser and check out the videos of people operating the sling and you’ll be just as elated as I was when it first came out. It works on a 2-1 basis, allowing the user to keep it tight to the body when not in use and, with a bit of practice, seamlessly swap to one-point operation when firing. In an emergency, the entire device, including the weapon, can be removed in one motion using the buckle located along its length. It also uses mesh style clips, which are more durable and just as easy to use as traditional clips. They are unaffected by constant opening and closing because they are made of only one piece of metal, where traditional clips can fail on the pivoting pin that their action levers on. If I remember correctly, it was a few bucks cheaper in 2011 but, even now compared to some 3-point slings, which I feel it’s more comparable too, it’s a solid deal.

Propane Adapter Version 2 by Madbull

Propane Adapter Version 2 by MadbullYou can’t go wrong with a good metal propane adapter. Unless you knock it off of your dad’s garage work bench and it lands directly on the nipple, it’s most likely going to last much longer than your average plastic adaptor. The Madbull Propane Adapter Version 2, has it all! No. It’s not wifi-enabled. Who asked that?! As I was saying, this adaptor in particular is great for the airsofter on the go, who cannot be bothered with taking the time to unscrew the adaptor, fill the top of the canister with silicon lubricant, and then screw the adaptor back on. A small hand removable screw allows access to a reservoir, made for all your lubricating purposes. The redeeming factor to the laziness enabling and gimmicky nature of this renovated product design is that the size of the reservoir is conducive to adding the right amount silicon and not over-lubricating your weapons systems. So in conclusion, if you have a metal propane adaptor already, don’t throw it out the window, so you can put your arm back down. If not, the price is right for an upgrade so feel free to squander your hard earned cash on this one, I’m not your mother.

We all know what chairsoft… I mean airsoft is really about though; Winning. But what is winning, if you didn’t do it with the best equipment. Keeping it realistic is part of the fun of the game, but reliability is going to keep you on top of the score and on the field longer. So make your purchases wisely young grasshopper, and remember these words by Edsger Dijkstra, “Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability”.

Article Written by Duncan Millar from Cobra Airsoft Legion
Many thanks to Ashleigh Wright for the photos

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  • Fahia M

    I love using the Hakkotsu grenades, they have a nice weight to them and you can never go wrong with one of these in your arsenal, insightful review. Thanks.