What Does It Feel Like to Get Shot with an Airsoft Gun?

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Do Airsoft BBs hurt ?

What does it feel like to get shot with an airsoft gun? Do Airsoft BBs hurt?

Most of you who have played a game of airsoft, may be able to answer this question in their own opinion. However, do you think your opinion would differ from those around you who have played the same game? Here are a few opinions on the subject.

Players Describe What it Feels Like to be Shot by an Airsoft Gun

“The closer you are, the worse it gets. Tri-shots, I’m looking at you!” – Andrew

“It feels like disappointment and failure!” – Scott

“Depends. Most of the time it’s like being flicked (pinched). Though some of the more evil ones are like someone jabbing you with a pin…” – Dominic

“Getting hit by a BB on bare flesh doesn’t feel anything worse than being pinched. Of course the distance of the hit, factors in as well. Obviously getting hit on the webbing isn’t really felt (I tend to just hear it!).” – Sean

“Depends on where I’m hit, and whether or not the person firing (despite me calling my hit) feels the need to empty his high cap magazine into me. Knuckles sting (we have all forgotten gloves at some point). Arse cheeks sting briefly for me at least.” – Matthew

“Being hit, at the moment in game, is usually no more than a few seconds of negligible to moderate discomfort, on a par with stubbing your bare toe against a door. On reflection, it’s incredibly sobering to think that the burst that rippled across your backside would have in reality resulted in debilitating injuries and/or death in a matter of minutes.” – Daniel

“It depends where I get hit, and how warm or cold it is. Usually the pain is over by the time I’ve registered it. Multiple hits sting a lot more and if anything, are more annoying than painful. Shots to the mouth are irritating and worry me more than getting hit anywhere else. Then afterwards I count the bruises where I can see them.” – Mik

“I find the ones to the back of the neck, and sides of the neck, are the worst ones for me personally. Feels like someone is attempting to poke a 6mm skewer through it!” – Richard

“Usually lose a couple of BBss when unpacking kit in the kitchen. Find them the day after when I stand on them in bare feet. Ouch!” – Rammix

So now you’ve heard a small selection of opinions in regards to what it feels like to be hit by an airsoft gun. What do you think? I personally take this question in a more philosophical point of view than that of a scientific point of view. This is because of all the dependant variables involved in being hit by a bb.

Velocity, Angle of Impact, BB Volume, BB Weight, Angle of Spin, BB Temperature, Material, Surface Texture, Impact Temperature, Skin Thickness, Impact Resistance, Skin Temperature, Age of Recipient, Gender of Recipient, and etc.

There are too many variables to calculate in how it feels to be shot by an airsoft gun. Especially when you have to take in how that individual feels from being shot at by an airsoft gun. Some people enjoy the thrill of being shot by an airsoft gun, whilst others feel the complete opposite and see their morale decline as they get shot.

So, What do I feel like, when I get shot by an airsoft gun?

I generally feel like I’ve lost a life! Much like you lose a life in a video game, I feel that I have failed to stay alive and have lost a point in the imaginary kill/death ratio that I have constructed in my mind. Yes, this does mean that I get competitive when I play the sport. But it also means that I start to value the kills and deaths that I create within the game of airsoft.

But doesn’t that mean that you are more inclined to not take a hit due to the fact you want a perfect kill/death ratio?

No, like the way many online video games work. You can’t enjoy yourself if you or the opponent do not take their hits online ( i.e., hacking, god-mode). The same principles are translated into airsoft. You must trust each other not to “hack” the game and not take your hits. Nobody wants to be on the same server as a hacker. The same thing goes for airsoft.

So if I have a kill/death ratio being planned in my head, what does that mean? Will I get upset if I die more times than I kill? Yes. Will I feel more happy and proud with myself if I kill more times than I die? Yes. But what does that contribute towards the game being played at present? Nothing. It’s more a personal mini-game being created for one to enjoy by their self. I do not see the point of bragging about how many kills I’ve made, to deaths. I’m sure countless other players do that as it is.

So what does it feel like to be shot by an airsoft gun? You decide. There aren’t many ways to describe it, yet there will always be a variance between players. Airsoft is a game. As long as you play the game safely and adhere to the rules, you won’t have to worry about what it feels like to be shot by an airsoft gun as it’s all part of the game.

EXTRA: What does it feel like to be shot by an airsoft gun in comparison to a paintball gun (marker)?

Having spent four years in paintball before being part of the airsoft community. I feel confident enough to say that considering the higher power requirements to propel a larger projectile, and the action potential being the key factor, the action from a paintball will cause more pain than that of a 6mm BB at an average velocity between 300 and 360 fps. This is relative to that of the distance from the projectile’s origin.

Article written by Aryan Alipour from The Machine Gun Dog

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  • Andrew Walk

    It does not hurt that much. In fact it actually feels kind of like you’re just getting hit with a paintball.

  • any hit over 350fps hurts, a lot!

    I remember one game when i was hit by a sniper. we checked his sniper rifle and marked over 600 fps, the guy hitted me from 60 mts in my nose.

  • RA Gonzales
  • Rein

    Has a stinging effect especially if you are playing in an open fps milsim.

  • Two-Face Productions

    XD All you people make it sound terrifying to all the newbies who are gonna start. When starting off small, the range is generally 10 – 30 ft and using guns between 200 – 350 fps. 200 fps at ten feet is the equivalent of flicking your arm kinda hard with your finger, not that bad. 30 ft at 200 fps is like being tapped by a kid and you probably wouldn’t even notice. 300 fps at 10 ft is like a bee sting and lasts only a few seconds. 300 fps at 30 ft is like a small pinch. 350 fps at 10 ft is like a wasp sting for 3 or 4 seconds, so yeah its gonna hurt a little. 350 and 30 ft is like a bee sting. This is assuming you’re hit in your legs, arms, torso, and/or neck. Fingers, knuckles, joints, and more sensitive parts generally hurt a lot more due to obvious reasons (they’re more sensitive).

    When you get into bigger games like 20 – 50 ft (the furthest i’ve been shot from was ~100ft by a sniper rifle and that thing stung like a wasp, so easily at or above 500 fps) you’ll most likely be using anything ranging from 300 – 500 fps. 400 fps at 20 ft stings like a bitch but 50 ft stings like a wasp. 500 fps at 20 ft will pierce the skin and probably be embedded in it. My friend didn’t have a full face mask and a bb going at 500 fps got embedded in his face and that was at about 20 ft. 500 fps at 50 ft will sting like a bitch.

    I’ve experienced a lot of fps guns and test fired a few on myself at like 1 ft to make a point to some players. Take a 200 fps pistol and shoot your hand or arm and it’ll probably sting like a bee or be the equivalent of a hard pinch. In my opinion if you’re starting airsoft, I would highly recommend you start off small, because one: You dont want to waste a bunch of money on something you may or may not like. Two: You don’t know whats high fps and low fps, you gotta work your way up. And three: You dont know what your doing.

    For anyone whose looking for a new gametype try Juggernaut. One player tries to cover his body up as much as possible and is given a stick or something to whack people with and has a set health of 200 or however many times he/she can handle being shot by a gun. I was the juggernaut of one game and it was me vs 23 players, all with 400 – 500 fps semi auto guns. I tried to cover my body up as much as possible, but i still ended up bleeding all over, it was fun though. The players with guns can fire semi auto as fast as they want, they just have to run away from the juggernaut and not get hit. I hit 9 players, tackled and beat up 2 and ended up falling on the ground face down and getting lit up by the last players and yielded. Of course we were all buddies, so it all depends on how far you and your fellow airsofters are willing to go. There wasn’t a time limit on our game, all you needed was good endurance and a lot of adrenaline. Just make sure to call out anyone going full auto, those people are assholes. One dude went full auto on me and he was one of the people i tackled.