What is Airsoft?

What is Airsoft ?

What is Airsoft ?

What is Airsoft? 

Airsoft is a military simulation game played with electric (AEG, AEP, LPEG, MPEG), gas (GBB, GNB, Co2), bolts and spring-powered replica firearms. Generally these guns are copies of the real models used in the army such as M14, M4 MP7, AK-47, FAMAS….

Unlike Paintball markers (e.g. : Tippmann), Airsoft guns shoot 6mm round pellets called BBs which don’t leave any traces of paint (don’t forget to use biodegradable BBs). By consequence Airsoft is based on fair-play and more focused on the game experience rather than competition.

Airsoft Replicas

Airsoft replicas usually fires at a rate of 300 to 900 rounds per minute and can hit targets up to 150 feet which make combat situations realistic. Different type of replicas can be used by players : pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles, grenade launchers and even anti tank weapons, Airsoft hand grenades and land mines. “Custom replicas” are replicas which have been upgraded by modifying internal parts (to increase the strenght, the precision, the fire rate…) or external parts such as a scope, a red dot, a silencer, a torch or a grenade launcher for example.

Prices for a cheap AEG replica start at 150-250 dollars. Under this price don’t expect more than a toy can offer. With 300 dollars you can get a reliable and powerful replica. Then it will depend on your budget : indeed you can find very expensive (and impressive) guns for 1000 or 2000 dollars.

The main manufacturers are Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, King Arms, G&G, Echo 1, MadBull, Jing Gong, Cyma, Magpul, WE, UMAREX, Elite

Airsoft Games

Airsoft games can be played in large open spaces (in the woods, fields, in urban areas…), or in close combat battlefields (called “CQB“) where buildings, hangars, tunnels, bunkers are part of the game area. This type of game usually takes place in abandoned cities or in Airsoft venues.

Airsoft is not dangerous but a mouth guard to protect your teeth and eye protections such as goggles or even full protection marks are required to play safely. Any additional military equipments such as helmets, knee pads or elbow pads can help you avoid any injury when running, crouching and crawling in the woods.

People often ask if Airsoft BBs hurt when getting hit. A distance of 10 meters is asked to participants to avoid any painful shot. Also strenght of replicas are usually limited to 350 fps for automatic weapons and 500 fps for snipers.

Airsoft Rules

Rules and types of games vary a lot from a team to another. Some will prefer short skirmishes using classic Airsoft scenarios like Deathmatch, Attack & Defend, Capture the flag, Domination, King of the hill, Defuse the bomb, Search & Destroy, Convoy & Escort, Rescue the hostage, Manhunt or Last player standing. Teams more focused on simulation and game experience will use scenarios with roleplay elements, classes of characters (officer, medic, scouts, sniper, engineer…), team kills, plots, betrayals and twists using geopolitical backgrounds, hypothetical wars, future wars (3rd World War, post-apocalyptic stories..) or even original games based on mafia or zombie horror movies.

“Milsim” (military simulation) Airsoft players and teams are playing Airsoft with a great sense of perfectionism. They use the same exact gears, equipments, hierarchy and tactics as real soldiers. If Milsim teams reenact historical battles like WWII, Vietnam or modern wars, the young generation often comes to Airsoft influenced by first person shooter video games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty.

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  • joe-joje

    here in the Philippines our limit is 350fps. beyond that we call it open chrono. from 350-700 fps including snipper rifles.NO MASK NO GAME.

  • Koyo K

    In Belgium limits are:
    Automatic: 350FPS
    Semi-automatic: 400FPS
    Sniper with bolt: 450FPS

    • Johan

      In Belgium the only limits on fps are those the organiser tells you.

      The general fps rules used by almost every organiser are:

      350 fps with a +10 fps margin (so 360 max) for all full and semi auto replica’s.
      500 fps for bolt action rifles (although some make exceptions for famous semi auto sniper rifles like the dragunov and m82)

  • Steven

    400 fps limit for automatic weapons 450 for electric guns period & 550 for snipers here in Oklahoma, USA

  • David

    In Ireland limits are 328 fps for every gun

  • Severan

    Hey everyone. In Portugal we have no fps limitation. We have energy limitation. No gun may be over 1.3 joules iirc.
    But usually we chrono all guns with .20 bbs, which means our fps limit is 374.
    To those who care anyway :/

  • denis

    Hey. Requirements to weapon in Russia: no more than 3 joules muzzle energy, pistols – 110-85 meters per sec, automatic rifles – 140 mps, machine guns – 150 mps, snipers (only sem automatic) – 172 mps. eye protection is a must

  • California is 350 indoors, 400 outdoors and 550 bolt or semi-only sniper. Snipers usually are required to carry a 350fps or less sidearm.

  • jaco

    Hey guys. In Poland there are no formal limitations, however we tend to stick to theese ranges: sidearm max 350, indoors max from 350 to 400 only semi, outdoors 400 – 550 semi/auto, over 550 only semi. Those rules may vary in different regions of Poland.

  • Docker

    Czech Rebublic : Here is no limitation.So upgrade upgrade and upgrade .. ! hell yeah :-D

  • ill, US group

    we play with 500max snipers, 450 autos, and 375 pistols but we are open to play higher but we play with 250s so we limit, legally 500+ 18+. always goggles, 15-20 blam range (no shooting, call blam and they r dead).

  • In Ireland it is 1 Joule or 328fps (Indoor & Outdoor) on all Airsoft Rifles/Pistols. Minimum protection goggles.. Single shot up close .(within 3mts) and above all HONESTY and Safety First.
    All sites must be registered with the local Police

  • Marko

    In Croatia max for AEG is 400 fps, MG’s 450 fps with minimum range of 10 m, semi-auto snipers 500 fps with 20 m minimum, bolt action snipers 600 fps with 30 m minimum. Inside buildings semi only. No blind shots. Safety glasses are most important piece of gear.