What is Airsoft? An Outsider’s Opinion

Many who do play Airsoft games and many who haven’t even heard of Airsoft, have always asked the same question. What is Airsoft? I will try to answer in my opinion what Airsoft truly is without repeating what other bloggers have done before me.

My History

Before I became part of the Airsoft world, I used to be a professional paintball player and a part-time paintball marshal. This meant I had a very one sided view of the conflict between paintball and Airsoft. The one reason I had decided to start in the world of Airsoft was because I was running out of funding for paintball and required an alternative. I was quite sceptical about being part of a world that was not as competitive and fast paced as paintball had been for me.

My first time playing a game of Airsoft was a lot like my first time playing a game of paintball. I was not sure whether it was the best thing for me. I was hiring equipment that was sub-standard to what I’d have used if I owned for myself, I had also not expected to use team tactics and military methods to be an effective player. Although many Airsoft enthusiasts did not seem to very knowledgeable about being a tactician, they did seem to learn through trial and error in different areas. One thing that most impressed me was the range of Airsoft enthusiasts to the sport. I am not talking about the physical fitness of the players but the background and where they came from as well.

This really changed the way I saw Airsoft because Paintball was very much different. You were either a sheep or a dog! A sheep would be the customer to the corporate paintball event organizers (Delta Force Paintball). The dog would be the professional Paintball player with sponsors and the most expensive of equipment to accompany the role. Airsoft is very much different as it does not have a stereotype for Airsoft players. However, if you were looking for stereotypes.

Since my first game, I have been hooked on the game and have only found more benefits to the sport and why it would be worth having as a long investment.

So, What is Airsoft?

Many have their own opinions to what Airsoft actually is; I will not oppose their views as I’m certain all their opinions are part of the same truth. I am only to add or to reinforce those opinions as I am now part of this strong and vibrant world of Airsoft.

Airsoft in my opinion is a Hobby, a Society, a way of Life. But however much I may want it to be, to this very day, it will not be able to be a sport! Airsoft is a game of trust. Unlike Paintball, Airsoft does not rely on paint to mark players being hit. What may seem like the greatest flaw, is actually the greatest strength to Airsoft. This is a world of participation were players are not only playing to be the winners, but also the losers. You are playing as the opposition more than anything else. You are what makes Airsoft work. Without trust and good sportsmanship, Airsoft would not exist. And because of this, I will unfortunately have to stop myself from calling Airsoft a competitive sport.

As you can see I’ve refrained from repeating what other bloggers have said about Airsoft as I am sure you have read them time and time again. However, if you have not been fortunate to do so and/or you are new to the sport and have not received much information about Airsoft at a factual stand point, please have a look at the following links:

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Photos by Spectre Airsoft Media

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